New South Wales and ACT

Relaxing in New South Wales this summer

Summer is finally here and that means relaxing on the beach, late nights in the city and summer festivals. But these holidays, why not choose a more peaceful option at some of New South Wales’s most tranquil locations?   Stargazing in Parkes Parkes is the place for peace. It’s the ideal spot for nature lovers, … Continued

Best beaches: NSW vs WA

With about 4030 kilometres between them, how do the beaches of New South Wales and Western Australia compare? New South Wales The Pass at Byron Bay Although The Pass is usually too hazardous to swim in, the beach still offers so much to its visitors. The Pass is one of the most popular surf beaches in Australia and is … Continued

Take a seat at the Tablelands

Caravaners have a definite advantage when it comes to uncovering the hidden delights that lie off the beaten track. On our tour of this region, we will make a loop from Bathurst, three hours west of Sydney, to Parkes and then to Cowra, ending at the beginning in Bathurst. When you think of Bathurst, you might think of car racing, … Continued

The Snowy Mountains, post snow

The Snowy Mountains region is a beacon for snow-loving travellers in winter. By spring, the snow has melted away and revealed an entirely different place, with many treasures to discover. If you arrive in the Snowy Mountains in early spring, you might just catch the last of the snow before it melts away (so definitely … Continued

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