Western Australia

The Canning Stock Route and the Overland Telegraph Track

Two of the best-known and most impressive routes in Australia’s history are the Western Australia’s Canning Stock Route and the Overland Telegraph Track, between Adelaide and Darwin. During the 1890s, the discovery of gold near Kalgoorlie in southern Western Australia led to a rise in the region’s population, meaning that pastoralists working in the Kimberley … Continued

Test your mettle between Broome and James Price Point

This winter, test your four-wheel driving skills on one of the most challenging, but most beautiful, tracks in Western Australia. The trip between Broom and James Price point features sublime ocean and coastline scenery, and a strikingly vivid combination of nature’s brightest colours, including red cliffs against pure white sand and the electrifying blue of … Continued

Broome to Halls Creek

Across the northern reaches of Australia lies the Savannah Way, linking Broome in the west to Cairns in the east. At just over 3500 kilometres long, the Savannah Way is a big undertaking, so here’s just a glimpse of some of the amazing sights the route has to offer. In Broome, visit Gantheaume Point at … Continued

A cultural tour of Perth and Albany

Summer is here, and there’s no better way to enjoy the great outdoors than with a miniature road trip! What better place to kick off a cultural tour of the west than at the Nostalgia Box Museum in Perth? Whether you’re a fan of video games or not, this fascinating retro gem will take you … Continued

Two of Western Australia’s deadliest shipwrecks

Around 8000 shipwrecks are buried off the coast of Australia, but only a mere quarter of them have been found. Here are two of Western Australia’s most infamous shipwrecks. The Tryall – Western Australia’s oldest-known shipwreck Lost in 1622, the Tryall belonged to the British East India Company, and departed from England on its maiden … Continued

Detour to Collie and Williams, Western Australia

Explore Western Australia’s pioneer history in this detour from the well-worn routes. Collie In the Collie River Valley, take a step back in time with a visit to the Coalfields Museum, where artefacts on display include mining machinery, gemstones, historical photos, dolls and personal mementos of the region’s past inhabitants. There’s even a restored barrel organ … Continued

Arts, history and culture from Perth to Albany

Pack as much arts, history and culture into your itinerary as possible! Your starting line is at the Nostalgia Box Museum in Perth. Whether you’re a fan of video games or not, this fascinating retro gem will bring you back to childhood: with more than 100 gaming consoles, ranging as far back as the 1970s … Continued

Best beaches: NSW vs WA

With about 4030 kilometres between them, how do the beaches of New South Wales and Western Australia compare? New South Wales The Pass at Byron Bay Although The Pass is usually too hazardous to swim in, the beach still offers so much to its visitors. The Pass is one of the most popular surf beaches in Australia and is … Continued

Western Australia’s Wildflowers

You don’t have to travel very far out of Perth to see some of Western Australia’s best and brightest wildflowers. Goomalling At Goomalling, beautiful parks and reserves will beckon nature lovers. Orchids bloom here from July to September, and there are eight orchid hotspots where you’ll find species such as cowslip, ant, sun, donkey and … Continued

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