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The history of Australia’s Afghan cameleers

During the mid 1800s, exploration into the centre of Australia was well on its way, and this period became the peak time for exploration. Explorers had many aims, but highest among them were to continue mapping the country, to find natural resources, and to establish viable areas for settlement. Horses – ill-suited to the dry … Continued

Batemans Bay to Eden

Not far from Batemans Bay lies Mogo State Forest, where you can take a bushwalk and watch for native birds. Keep quiet and you’ll likely spot bowerbirds, lorikeets, kookaburras, rosellas and cockatoos – both sulphur-crested and black. For more nature-based activities, take a daytrip to Eurobodalla National Park, which stretches from Moruya Head in the … Continued

Coastal adventure: Sydney to Batemans Bay

The coastline spanning the distance between Sydney and Batemans Bay has many twists and turns, many quiet bays and roaring surf beaches, and many photographic moments waiting to be captured. Heading south out of Sydney through the Royal National Park, your route mirrors the start of the scenic Grand Pacific Drive. Stop for a swim … Continued

Eyre, earth and water

The Eyre Peninsula is a prime example of the peace that reigns through South Australia; fewer than 60,000 people live here, and most are in the major townships. This sparseness of humanity makes the area a haven for wildlife. The Great Australian Bight, on the western side of the peninsula, and Spencer Gulf, to the … Continued

Three of Tasmania’s historical highlights

Tasmania might be Australia’s smallest state, but the island is not short of historical holiday destinations to keep the whole family captivated. 1. Port Arthur Historic Site: the Isle of the Dead No trip to Port Arthur is complete without a guided walking tour around the Isle of the Dead, where more than 1000 people … Continued

Guide for 4WD newbies

So, you want to buy a four-wheel drive and go off-roading? Here are some things you should consider before driving off into the sunset down a rocky road. Depending on your wants and needs (and, of course, your budget!), the ‘right’ vehicle could be almost anything on the market. Sitting down and having a long, … Continued

Four secrets of the River Murray

Perhaps the most scenic border in the country, the Murray River harbours many secrets in its waters. Did you know, for example, that an offer by the South Australian Government for a £2000 cash prize for paddle-steamer navigation of its waters went unheeded? Here are four of the most interesting facts about the River Murray … Continued

Discover history along the Adventure Way

Stretching all the way from Brisbane in Queensland to Innamincka in South Australia, the Adventure Way is an iconic Australian trade route famously used by Cobb & Co during the 19h century to transport mail, cargo and thousands of emigrants eager for success on the goldfields. Roads were bumpy and unsealed, making any journey by … Continued

Two of Australia’s worst seafaring disasters

Maritime navigation has always been an integral part of Australia’s history. Until 1950, trade and development was dependent upon seafaring and safe shipping routes; however, despite all the ships that made it to the mainland, there are many that didn’t. The Tryall and the Batavia were only two of around 8000 ships that are now … Continued

Best beaches: NSW vs WA

With about 4030 kilometres between them, how do the beaches of New South Wales and Western Australia compare? New South Wales The Pass at Byron Bay Although The Pass is usually too hazardous to swim in, the beach still offers so much to its visitors. The Pass is one of the most popular surf beaches in Australia and is … Continued

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