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A spring adventure around Tasmania

Take a break from reality and spend some time driving around the beautiful and serene island state. Greenery will be sprouting, flowers will be in bloom and the warm sun will be thawing out any trace of the remaining winter chill. Four days exploring the north and north-west If you’re entering the state by way of ferry, drive straight … Continued

Take a seat at the Tablelands

Caravaners have a definite advantage when it comes to uncovering the hidden delights that lie off the beaten track. On our tour of this region, we will make a loop from Bathurst, three hours west of Sydney, to Parkes and then to Cowra, ending at the beginning in Bathurst. When you think of Bathurst, you might think of car racing, … Continued

Alexander Pearce: Tasmania’s infamous convict cannibal

Long after the First and Second fleets, convicts continued to be transported all over Australia. Tasmania – or Van Diemen’s Land, as it was then known – became one of the most heavily populated convict settlements in Australia, with around 75,000 convicts arriving between 1803 and 1853. Tasmania’s most infamous convict was Alexander Pearce, described by The Wellington Times in 1891 … Continued

Healthy kids are camper kids

All kids need to be encouraged to participate in physical activity and sports to maintain a health and wellbeing. A family caravan or camping trip is the perfect way to get kids away from screens and engaging in outdoor activities. A study conducted by Natural England found that children spend 60 per cent less time out and about than their parents did … Continued

All aboard for a tour of Australia’s rail history

Jump aboard to see just how closely rail development has ridden alongside the development of the country. The Ida Bay Railway, Tasmania The Ida Bay Railway in Tasmania was opened in the early 20th century for the purpose of transporting resources long distances and to trading ports. The Ida Bay Railway was originally used to carry limestone from quarries west of … Continued

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