On the Road

Why upgrade when you can up-green?

For many people, camping is not only about getting away for the holidays – it’s about living more simply for a while. It’s no surprise, then, that as well as renovating their caravans for improved safety, comfort and efficiency, many travellers are making the move towards greener caravanning. Here are just three of the ways … Continued

A quick guide to dual battery systems

If your caravan is drawing power out of your main battery to charge appliances, you may find that the battery is unable to keep up, meaning you could find yourself without enough charge to start your vehicle! As well as reducing the likelihood of a breakdown, dual battery systems are a convenient addition to your … Continued

Don’t delay – check your caravan today

Many caravanners are concerned about safety, and one of the more difficult aspects of vehicle safety for caravanners is staying on top of the specific requirements for ratings and masses. These are really important to get right, so if you’re not well versed in these matters, there’s no time like the present to start building … Continued

St George to Cunnamulla

Step back to a simpler time with a road trip between St George and Cunnamulla, where the journey is full of historical surprises and unspoilt scenery. Bollon Part of the famous Adventure Way and just over an hour out of St George, Bollon is a fascinating stopover for history buffs. Here, local history is kept … Continued

Four-wheel drive buyer’s guide

The decision to purchase a new four-wheel drive is an exciting one, accompanied by visions of the untouched pockets of Australia that this go-anywhere chariot will transport you to. But the multitude of choices can turn your excitement into a burden if you’re not careful. There is a maddening array of four-wheel drives on the … Continued

Four-wheel drive fit-outs

When you’re enjoying your holiday and soaking up the spirit of summer, it can be really frustrating to have to get back in the car for another resupply trip, to look for that one tool you didn’t have room for. This is why many four-wheel drivers are finding clever ways to maximise their storage space … Continued

Four-wheel drive prep: how and what to pack

Packing a four-wheel drive efficiently is quite a skill, and one that certainly improves with practice. These handy hints will help you pack right and pack light before you head off-road.   WHAT TO PACK When packing for a four-wheel drive trip, the first thing to understand is that weight and weight distribution are critical. You … Continued

Tasmania’s treasure-trove

Summer is finally here, so there is no longer an excuse to stay indoors! And since Tasmania is famous for its stunning natural beauty and rich history, why not combine the two these summer holidays and take a self-drive tour of the state? Start your tour in Hobart, where you can visit the top of … Continued

Wind the windows down for summer

While the beaches are buzzing and the city is sweating, pack the car for an outdoor adventure on some of these spectacular tracks: tracks with a view, remote tracks a world away from the hustle and bustle of summer in the city, and beach tracks with glorious ocean vistas are among some of the south … Continued

A cultural tour of Perth and Albany

Summer is here, and there’s no better way to enjoy the great outdoors than with a miniature road trip! What better place to kick off a cultural tour of the west than at the Nostalgia Box Museum in Perth? Whether you’re a fan of video games or not, this fascinating retro gem will take you … Continued

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