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A glorious guide to the Golden Outback

A glorious guide to the Golden Outback

As vast desert plains and ancient rock formations meet crystal clear waters and towering emerald woodlands, Mother Nature shows off her finest work in Western Australia’s Golden Outback.

Gascoyne and Murchison

Mount Augustus, 450 kilometres inland from the coastal town of Carnarvon, is the most iconic example of the region’s ginormous rock formations. Known as Burringurrah by the Wadjari people, Mount Augustus is home to the world’s largest monocline (an uncommon, steep dip in rock formations), and is twice the size of Uluru. Mount Augustus National Park has an array of outdoor adventures waiting for you: hop in the car for a self-drive tour, tackle a challenging hike up the summit, or even simply come to admire the unique and abundant wildlife that calls this place home.

Kalgoorlie and Goldfields

From humble gold rush beginnings, Kalgoorlie-Boulder is home to several large mining operations, including the Super Pit – a gold lover’s paradise that has produced 60 million ounces of gold, and can even be seen from space! If you’re interested in discovering more about the mining industry and history of the town, then take a tour of the pit with Kalgoorlie Tours and Charters. If you’re still itching for more, then head to the Museum of the Goldfields for an immersive rewind to life during the gold rush eras of centuries past.

The Wheatbelt

Four hours east of Perth, you’ll find the town of Hyden, which is home to the famous Wave Rock – a 15-metre-high and 110-metre-long granite mass that takes the shape of a giant crashing wave. Stand below the solidified surf and marvel at the 2700-million-year-old towering rock formation above; watch the ripples of multi-layered stone cascading toward the Earth and crashing into the scrub below; and, of course, be sure to take a fun photo to make loved ones back home envious!

Esperance, Fitzgerald Coast, Norseman and Nullarbor

Our last stop across the Golden Outback is on the coast. Esperance and the Fitzgerald Coast are home to pristine sandscapes and bright blue waters, untouched marine playgrounds, and lush national parks. Over 100 islands take you to a rural mini Maldives in your own backyard, with the terracotta outback of Norseman and the Nullarbor a striking contrast toward the South Australian border.

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Image: Mount Augustus (C) Tourism Western Australia.

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