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A guide to the Freycinet Peninsula

A guide to the Freycinet Peninsula

Explore the coastal paradises and calming landscapes of the Freycinet Peninsula and surrounds.

Named after French explorer Louis de Freycinet, who sailed through the area in the 1800s, the Freycinet Peninsula can be found on Tasmania’s east coast, overlooking the Tasman Sea. South of Launceston and only 2.5 hours from Hobart, the Freycinet Peninsula has an abundance of natural beauty to feast your eyes on.

Freycinet National Park

Home to amazing natural wonders and wildlife, Freycinet National Park is the highlight of the Freycinet Peninsula, and offers a range of activities for travellers. Among these is the opportunity to camp inside the park. To experience this, you will need to enter the annual ballot, drawn each August. If you aren’t lucky enough to score a spot camping in the park itself, don’t despair – there are plenty of other great camping spots and eco retreats in the surrounding areas.

The park is framed by the beautiful granite peaks of The Hazards mountain range, consisting of five mountains that stretch between Wineglass Bay and Coles Bay. You can explore the park via a guided tour, or for those who prefer to be their own tour guide, there are many walking trails and paths that you can choose from.

The Freycinet National Park Visitor Centre is also a must, and offers retellings of the region’s history, as well as its cultural and natural heritage. Through art and other creative displays, you’ll be swept away by the history of the Freycinet National Park and its beauty. The centre also has a gift shop, meaning you can buy a treat to commemorate your time at the park, or find a gift for a loved one back home. Browse postcards, clothes and posters, and the large collection of natural history books on offer.

Wineglass Bay

Located within the Freycinet National Park and considered one of the top 10 beaches in the world, Wineglass Bay is one of the most photographed locations on the peninsula. Around an hour’s walk from the national park car park, the curved beach boasts spectacular ocean views and will be a highlight of your trip. Experience the spectacular bay by strolling across the sand and swimming in the water. Visitors can also enjoy a range of activities on the bay, including ocean kayaking, scuba diving and deep-sea fishing. To take your exploration to the next level, you can even take a scenic helicopter flight over the bay and ranges.

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Image: Wineglass Bay (C) Revolution MTB.

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