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A tropical rainforest for the ages

A tropical rainforest for the ages

If David Attenborough describes it as ‘the most extraordinary place on earth’, then it must be pretty special.

Estimated to be 80 million years older than the Amazon rainforest, the perfectly imperfect Wet Tropics of Queensland spans all the way from Cooktown in Queensland’s north, to Townsville way down south.

There’s nothing short of extraordinary landscapes and landmarks to be found throughout, including 30 national parks! Further on, you can find waterfall after waterfall as you roam through the area, especially through the Atherton Tablelands. As you continue to move through this area, you will come across the meeting spot of two World Heritage–areas – Cape Tribulation and Daintree.

What stands out the most with The Wet Tropics is the biodiversity – it is home to more than 650 species of vertebrates and 230 types types of butterflies, as well as hundreds of others tiny living and breathing creations.

This World Heritage–listed region is just as it was when European settlers made their mark on the land, as if the rainforests were created by some prehistoric modelling program. The isolation has actually helped the prosperity of the rainforest, as it has allowed the area to evolve and produce unique creations over the years, like the Thornton Peak skink and Kuranda tree frog. It also plays host to an assortment of flowering plants, more than any other place in the entire world.

It’s no surprise that due to the size of the Wet Tropics, it’s broken down into six different precincts – each with its own microhabitat. The landmass itself is 79 percent national park, so it’s extremely accessible and affordable as all national parks are free to visit. All you’ll need is a sturdy pair of boots. Make sure you prepare a path by researching one of the countless guides available for each national park!

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