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Abundant blooms on the Granite Loop

Abundant blooms on the Granite Loop

Experience Western Australia’s spectacular wildflower season, and uncover the beauty of the Wheatbelt.

Departing east from Perth, the first part of our journey on the Granite Loop takes us through the Avon Valley, a picturesque region characterised by gentle babbling brooks and rolling hills full of native greenery. Once you cruise through this easy one-hour drive, you’ll be welcomed to the town of Toodyay, known as the place where history meets family fun. The sleepy town’s main street showcases some of Western Australia’s most impressive examples of 19th-century architecture and heritage, and those who love a blast from the past will rejoice in the town’s glimpse into convict-era life.

Once you’ve explored all that Toodyay has to offer, it’s time to head north-east towards Wyalkatchem. Driving to our next destination, you’ll notice the landscape begin to change as the Avon Valley’s thriving, verdant woodlands blend into semi‑arid desert. Don’t be fooled by the terracotta earth, though, as wildflowers still squeeze their way up through the dusty soil and bloom even in the harshest terrains.

No trip along the Granite Loop would be complete without viewing some amazing, ancient rock faces, and this next leg of the journey is full of outcrop surprises. Leaving Wyalkatchem, head north-east toward the Korrelocking Nature Reserve, where a native smorgasbord shows off some of Mother Nature’s finest work – smooth, towering salmon gums; gnamma holes lying in granite cavities that once provided Indigenous people with fresh water; and spotted spider and blush pink fairy orchid varieties. Next, we head toward the mighty Elachbutting Rock.

Once you’re rested, it’s time to continue our rock chasing along the Granite Loop. A 16-minute drive north-west from Elachbutting Rock will have you staring up and admiring another granite outcrop, Beringbooding Rock. While it doesn’t compare to the size of Elachbutting Rock, Beringbooding Rock is still full of surprises bound to pique your interest.

The last leg of this incredible journey on the Granite Loop across the stunning Wheatbelt is teeming with natural beauty. From Koorda, travel just over an hour to Wongan Hills and you’ll notice the landscape change, just as it did when we left Toodyay for Wyalkatchem. Along this leg of the journey, you’ll be welcomed back to an abundance of greenery in Wongan Hills, with, of course, plenty of wildflowers.

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Image: Elachbutting Rock (C) Tourism Western Australia.

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