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Accessorise your trip

Accessorise your trip

Caravanning is the ultimate way to explore our beautiful country – just you, your caravan and the wide-open road. It’s worth thinking about the right accessories to make your trip a safe and comfortable one. Investing in the right gear is a step towards investing in many successful road trips in the future. Here are some accessories to get you started.

Spirit level and levelling equipment

One of the most important parts of camping is keeping your caravan level. If it’s parked on too much of an angle, it can lead to issues, such as your doors not shutting properly or your water not going down the drain. A spirit level will help you check your left to right, and your front to back levels. There is also new technology that you can invest in, so that you can digitally see your caravan’s position. You can use this technology to achieve the perfect position – one that allows for water run-off but is still relatively stable (so with a gradual lean).

Hose connections

Water is a must-have when camping – you use it for cleaning, drinking and cooking. It is a heavy resource, so few caravans come with an in-built tank. Each camp site will have a different set-up for water and waste connections, so it’s good to have a range of different hose lengths and connections. This means that you’ll be able to connect to water and drain greywater from a variety of camp site set-ups. Make sure you have containers so that you can transport water easily. You could also invest in a portable greywater tank to carry any wastewater if you need to.

Wheel bin

National parks and free camp sites usually require you to take any rubbish away with you. You can use it for storage, or secure rubbish storage when travelling remotely. It needs to have a sturdy and strong bag to prevent any wildlife from getting into your rubbish. There are a variety of sizes to suit anyone’s needs. 

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