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Amazing automation with REDARC’s RedVision

Amazing automation with REDARC’s RedVision

In partnership with REDARC

Take control of your adventure and embrace a new level of automation in your caravan with the RedVision Vehicle Management System by REDARC. 

Imagine relaxing by the camp fire and you want to turn on your lights. Or maybe you’re ready to hit the road and want to make sure your fridge is the only accessory left on. With RedVision, you can control all your onboard devices with the touch of a button – whether it’s through the wired display or the bluetooth smartphone app. 

Working alongside the Manager30 battery management system, RedVision keeps your batteries charged and healthy. Recharge via your vehicle’s alternator while you drive, from a mains power at caravan parks and from solar while you’re off-grid. 

Not just a control hub, RedVision also allows you to monitor everything your system is doing in real time. Keep on top of your state of charge and see estimated charge remaining. With various tank, voltage and temperature sensor inputs, know you’ll never lose track of exactly what your set up is doing again. 

Forget about returning to your caravan to adjust your outdoor lights, as complete control is at your fingertips with the intuitive RedVision app on iOS and Android. RedVision can be programmed to make life on the road easy and take the stress out of power management. Hit a button to turn off all devices except your fridge, group your lights so they all turn on with a single switch, or program the system to turn off non-essential loads once you drop below a certain battery level. 

With a range of RedVision Integrated Systems you can combine smart battery management and centralised accessory control in one powerful package, while simplifying your installation process. 

REDARC’s RedVision is the ultimate in control and monitoring, no matter how you travel. Take control of your next adventure and learn more at

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