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Arts, history and culture from Perth to Albany

Arts, history and culture from Perth to Albany

Pack as much arts, history and culture into your itinerary as possible!

Your starting line is at the Nostalgia Box Museum in Perth. Whether you’re a fan of video games or not, this fascinating retro gem will bring you back to childhood: with more than 100 gaming consoles, ranging as far back as the 1970s and including classic games like Space Invaders and Super Mario Bros, the museum has something to enchant both children and adults alike.

Next, stop at the Art Gallery of Western Australia to explore current exhibitions, which cover the historical exploration and mapping of Western Australia, artistic responses to social, cultural and political issues and the similarities and differences between American and Australian landscape paintings. The museum is a rich source of insights for curious visitors and includes screen and sound exhibitions as well as guided tours of the collection.

Before you leave Perth, stop at the 400-hectare Kings Park Botanical Gardens and War Memorial. With a view overlooking the city, this site is consistently rated among the highlights of thousands of visits to the state. The war memorial commemorates thousands of Australians killed in the Boer War, World War I and II, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and a range of tours are available, including Indigenous heritage tours, a memorials walk and wilderness tours.

From Perth, it’s 420 kilometres to Albany, a town that predates both Perth and Fremantle, so be sure to do some treasure hunting for historical insights along the way. Albany is the perfect stop to get close to Western Australia’s convict and settler history; it was the site of the first European settler disembarkation in Western Australia, and a self-guided tour of the city will bring you face to face with colonial-era buildings, prisons and taverns.

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