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Australia’s best four-wheel driving beaches

Australia’s best four-wheel driving beaches

Keen to swap the mud for the dunes on your next four-wheel driving adventure? Gear up as we tackle Australia’s very best off-road beach drives.

Australia’s epic 34,000-kilometre coastline is home to some of the best beaches in the world – whether it’s the tourist hotspot of Bondi Beach, or the untouched and primitive landscapes of the Cape. One of the most exhilarating and exciting ways to explore our beautiful shoreline is to embark on a four-wheel driving expedition. Of course, not every beach is four-wheel drive friendly, but thankfully there are plenty dotted around the country that are. Prepare to get sandy this summer with a visit to some of Australia’s best four-wheel driving beaches!

K’gari, Queensland

K’gari (formerly known as Fraser Island) is another must on our list of quintessential Aussie four-wheel driving beaches. Around 200 kilometres north of the Sunshine Coast, and only accessible by ferry, K’gari is the world’s largest sand island at 122 kilometres long. In other words, it’s a summer four-wheel driving paradise. You can either jump on a four-wheel driving tour, or tackle it solo. Either way, you’ll be admiring this primitive coastal island in all its glory – aquamarine waters make for an epic swimming spot after a hard slog on the sand, while the island’s rainforests offer up some shady camping spots. Make sure you come prepared, though, as the island is only suitable for four-wheel drives that meet certain height restrictions, and is also home to a population of native dingoes.

Stockton Beach, New South Wales

Stockton Beach is a popular destination for beach-loving four-wheel drivers, mainly because it’s super accessible (no ferries needed!). Stretching from Stockton, just north of Newcastle, to Anna Bay in Port Stephens, Stockton Beach is 32 kilometres of expansive and uninterrupted beachfront – perfect for a summer day thrashing about on the dunes. Beyond four-wheel driving, the beach is also a prime location for ocean fishing, swimming, surfing, and sandboarding. Stockton Beach is also home to ‘Tin City’, which is both a unique set of tin houses on the dunes, and a filming location featured in Mad Max.

Sandy Cape, Western Australia

Last but certainly not least, Sandy Cape in Western Australia offers up some of the best four-wheel driving experiences on the west coast. If you happen to be tackling the Coral Coast, then Sandy Cape is an easy minor detour between Jurien Bay and Green Head. If you’re not following any route, then it’s about 235 kilometres north of Perth. Impeccable tracks take you from Sandy Cape, near the local camp site, and up to North Head. On the way, you’ll not only get to admire the ocean and traverse the soft sand, but you’ll also be able to take the tyres up rocky cliff faces and by World War II relics. Fun!

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