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Australia’s Coral Coast

Australia’s Coral Coast

Who’s ready for a road trip?

The Australian Coral Coast stretches an astonishing 1,110 kilometres, which for some can feel quite daunting. Here at Caravanning Australia, we want to help break down the best destinations to visit along the Coral Coast, as it is an Australian treasure that needs to be seen!

Hutt Lagoon

The 70-square-kilometre salt lake is memorable for its stunning pink hues, which exist due to the presence of carotenoid-producing algae Dunaliella salina. As the lake is controlled by natural elements, there is no guaranteed time that is best to visit the site. The colour is dictated by the amount of algae blooming at the time. Want to take your visit up a notch? Scenic flights are on offer to take in the astounding aerial views.

Shark Bay

Any animal lovers reading? Shark Bay World Heritage Area is the place to be! Experience an abundance of marine life – Monkey Mia dolphins, turtles, manta rays, whales and dugongs. Observe these beautiful creatures via boat, snorkelling, scuba diving or on the shoreline. Another astonishing experience is the Hamelin Pool stromatolites – marvel at the extremely rare living fossil site, which represents one of three across the world.


Home to the phenomenal Kalbarri National Park, the area seems like two different worlds – on one side there are gorges that are more than 400 million years old, and the other side is home to the coastal cliffs that plummet to the ocean. Visit one of the world’s largest parrot habitats, Rainbow Jungle, which also includes the largest free flight aviary in the country. Enjoy a plethora of walking tours, flights overlooking the sensational views, fishing expeditions and swim spots.

Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area

The UNESCO World Heritage Area is one of the longest near-shore reefs in the world that is home to an array of rare flora and fauna. Dive straight in and swim with whale sharks, manta rays and humpback whales, snorkel in the reefs at Coral Bay and explore the Exmouth Ningaloo Aquarium and Discovery Centre.

Pictured is Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia. Image courtesy of iStock: 537400013.

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