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Australia’s most romantic spots

Australia’s most romantic spots

Australia is home to its fair share of romantic spots that are just perfect for sharing special moments with your significant other. These places inspire grand romantic gestures with their intimate feel, stunning views and inspiring settings. You’ll feel as though you and your sweetheart are the only people in the world.                                                 

Satellite Island, Tasmania

Satellite Island, a private island and hotel on the state’s south-east coast, remains a haven for native wildlife. If Satellite Island were a paramour, we’re certain it’d be the strong, silent type. Visiting Satellite Island, you can expect invigorating afternoons exploring sheer cliffs, pristine pebble bays and ancient rock pools. Night-time, however, is for slowing down and recharging with your special someone by the crackling fire. It’s truly special!           

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria                                                                   

The Mornington Peninsula oozes romance, with its bevy of wineries and dining institutions bridging the spectrum from smart casual to very, very fancy indeed. For the best views of this part of the world, head to Tucks Wine, where the vines steal the show and make a gorgeous golden backdrop for a romantic picnic on the hill.

A trip to Tucks would be incomplete, of course, without a snap of you and your beloved on the timber swing hanging from the famous Tucks tree, taking in the incredible vista before you. Once you’ve wined and dined yourself out, the Peninsula Hot Springs is a sensory experience you and your partner will adore. Just be sure to book ahead of time if you’re after a boutique couple’s treatment – and, of course, don’t forget to bring your camera, as the natural geothermal pools make for a gorgeous photo opportunity.                             

Staircase to the Moon, Western Australia

There’s something oh so romantic about chasing the elusive Staircase to the Moon in Broome, Western Australia. Its delightfully poetic name describes the reflection of the full moon on Roebuck Bay’s exposed tidal flats – a stripy, ‘stair-like’ effect of light on the water below.

This natural optical illusion only takes place on particular days each year, which are calculated ahead of time by an astronomer for visitors’ convenience. These auspicious dates coincide with the Staircase to the Moon markets at Town Beach, where you can treat yourself to all sorts of local produce, and browse arts and crafts stalls that showcase the finest local talents.

To discover more spots that simply ooze romance, check out the Summer 2021–2022 edition of Caravanning Australia.             

Pictured is Satellite Island, Tasmania. Image courtesy of Adam Gibson.

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