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Caravanning Australia Writers

Victoria’s open-air gallery: The Silo Art Trail

In small rural towns across Australia, grain silos are becoming canvases for towering artworks. In rural Australia, concrete silos are often the tallest thing on the horizon – like bush skyscrapers rising 100-feet or more above the surrounding farmlands. These silos started popping up 60 to 100 years ago, when grain production increased and bags … Continued

Uncover Tasmania’s convict past

The importance of Australia’s convict history has been recognised through the establishment of the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Property – a group of 11 sites around the country that collectively tell our complex convict story. Five of these sites are found in Tasmania. Convict history is a significant part of Australia’s story, and is … Continued

Journey through time in the Northern Territory

From the red earth of Alice Springs to the tropics of the Top End’s capital, the Explorers Way is a trek through time, soaking up the very best of the Northern Territory’s ancient landscapes. If you’ve ever been to the Northern Territory, then you know just how magical this part of the country is. Here, … Continued

Alice Springs Beanie Festival:

There is nothing more unique than the Red Centre’s favourite festival. Over 7000 hand-crafted beanies from creators around the world descend on Alice Springs for the best fun ever. The Alice Springs Beanie Festival will be held from 21–24 June 2024 at the Araluen Arts Centre. The weekend is full of delights; not only do … Continued

Frost and Fire in Forbes

Are you ready to embark on a winter adventure like never before? As we eagerly anticipate the fifth annual Frost and Fire event in Forbes, Central West New South Wales, the excitement is building, and the chill is in the air. Cosy up by toasty fire buckets, indulge in hearty treats from food trucks, and … Continued

Wandering the Wool Wagon Pathway

Embark on an off-road adventure tracing the footsteps of pioneers who hauled great sheep flocks across the Western Australian wilderness. Remote, wild, red – the land can be as unforgiving as the weather that batters it, or the hulking tripl etrailer road trains that rumble along its highways. The Western Australian wilderness is intimidating both … Continued

Iron Knob awaits

For a small town, Iron Knob has excellent recreational amenities, including a nine-hole golf course, lawn bowls and attractive shady parks with restroom facilities. A Rural Transaction Centre, a Post Office with public internet access, and a park with playground and public murals all make the town a friendly stopover for travellers. Iron Knob began … Continued

The MSA POWER FOLD™ Towing Mirror

The power to fold at your fingertips. Crafted with an unwavering dedication to precision, the MSA POWER FOLD™ Towing Mirror offers a cutting-edge solution that enhances functionality and safety during off-road travels. The new mirrors feature the same, large single mirror that pivots on a heavy-duty extension slide, as the original MSA Towing Mirror, thus … Continued

Solar power your adventures

Tips to help you power your next adventure with the sun’s rays. Whether you’re simply looking to keep your phone charged for emergencies, or wanting to supply power to your fully kitted-out caravan, solar polar is here to charge your next getaway. Hitting the road while relying on solar power does require a bit of … Continued

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