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The treasures of the Fraser Coast

The Fraser Coast’s big attraction is the World Heritage–listed Fraser Island – the largest sand island in the world. The 166,000-hectare island is perfect for a self-drive or guided driving holiday, and offers a range of landscapes to explore. Walk through ancient rainforests (growing out of only sand!), practice a spot of beach fishing on the eastern side … Continued

Let nature surprise you on the Limestone Coast

South Australia’s Limestone Coast is a region internationally renowned for its diverse natural wonders and dramatic contrasts. Perhaps it is unsurprising, then, that it is also known as the ‘Shipwreck Coast of Australia’, for the cliffs, reefs, islands and outcrops of rock that make it so beautiful also make it a dangerous place to sail. … Continued

Fishing across the top

When the dryness of winter slowly gives way to the wet of summer, the subtle change does not go unnoticed by the fish! Spring rains signal a time of change and great fishing opportunities! I can recall one indicator of this, which I noticed while camped on the Gregory River in the lower Gulf country. Early spring storms had formed in the limestone country … Continued

Best beaches: NSW vs WA

With about 4030 kilometres between them, how do the beaches of New South Wales and Western Australia compare? New South Wales The Pass at Byron Bay Although The Pass is usually too hazardous to swim in, the beach still offers so much to its visitors. The Pass is one of the most popular surf beaches in Australia and is … Continued

From coast to coast

From the party mecca that is the Gold Coast, to the whale-watching hotspots dotted along the Fraser Coast, Queensland’s vast coastline offers just about anything you could want in a holiday destination. Sunny Queensland boasts a whopping 6973 kilometres of mainland coastline, with the state’s plethora of picture-perfect tropical islands adding an extra 6374 kilometres of island coastline. It’s therefore safe to say … Continued

A spring adventure around Tasmania

Take a break from reality and spend some time driving around the beautiful and serene island state. Greenery will be sprouting, flowers will be in bloom and the warm sun will be thawing out any trace of the remaining winter chill. Four days exploring the north and north-west If you’re entering the state by way of ferry, drive straight … Continued

Four-wheel drive safety for beginners

Having your vehicle properly prepared and fitted-out before going off-road is incredibly important. Retrofitting custom parts to your rig before going off-road is essential, and here are the basic necessities. Roo bar A roo bar is a front bar that protects your vehicle’s vital fluid heat exchangers, as well as the front of your car, … Continued

Tracks for a relaxed pace

While tackling the steepest, narrowest, or roughest terrain might be a rewarding way to assess and improve your driving skills, if you’re looking for a quieter holiday, there are multiple tracks around the country to keep you busy. Queensland North Stradbroke Island can be accessed via the Stradbroke Ferry across from the mainland at Cleveland. Four-wheel drives are permitted on Flinders Beach and Main Beach, … Continued

Four extreme off-road adventures

If you’re an experienced four-wheel driver who’s up for a challenge, read ahead for some of our top adrenaline-fuelled off-road adventures. Queensland: the Old Telegraph Track Extremely challenging Cape York’s Old Telegraph Track is for experienced four-wheel drivers only, and is accessible only during the dry season. The 350-kilometre track includes sandy stretches and deep rivers – some containing crocodiles. Steep, sharp crags … Continued

Red-hot Adventure

Commonly known as the Red Centre, Uluru–Kata Tjuta National Park and the surrounding area is considered by many to be the spiritual heart of Australia. Visit the burnt orange monolith that is Uluru, and stand in awe of its magnitude. Stop at the cultural centre and discover the land’s importance to its traditional owners, the Anangu people. You can also … Continued

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