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Baby it’s (getting) cold outside

Baby it’s (getting) cold outside

It’s that time of year again – we’ve said goodbye to the warm summer nights and are welcoming in winter. While it may be colder outside, it doesn’t mean that travelling can’t be done!

Here are a few of our top tips for surviving the cold when on the road.


Undertaking a thorough check of your caravan is an essential component of preparing for colder weather travel. Make sure that the seals on doors and windows are not damaged to prevent cold air seeping through. Assess the insulation of the caravan – newer models tend to have in-built insulation. For older models, invest in winter-weight curtains and place carpet offcuts or rugs on the flooring to keep the warmth inside the vehicle.

Heat your space

When good insulation and warm clothes just aren’t cutting it, a heating system will definitely come in handy! Newer caravan models are typically fitted with a reverse-cycle air conditioner that can be used to heat your van as well.

For convenience and cost effectiveness, a small, portable space heater may be the easiest option. These require 240-volt power to run – using the heater all day, as well as other electronics can potentially trip your sites power. If you’re camp sites are free, look into upgrading your power supply to your van.

Rug up

When planning your adventure, make sure to analyse the weather conditions in the area you’re visiting, this can allow you to plan accordingly in regard to clothing. Our best tip is to pack layers, which can be versatile for the changing weather forecasts.

Assessing the fabric options prior to purchasing clothing can help you in the long run.

Wool creates a natural insulation, has heightened flame-resistancy in comparison to other fabrics and retains its warmth when wet. Merino wool regulates body temperature, is comfortable and is quite long lasting. Polyester and nylon are lightweight fabrics that can be used when layering. These fabrics also regulate body temperature, are easy to pack and, as they are essentially plastic, are great in wet weather.

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