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Backyard Camping

Backyard Camping

Below is an article by Tom McGay, who is giving activity ideas to parents during quarantine.

Enjoying quarantine can be very challenging at times. With first term getaways cancelled, it becomes difficult to find that holiday joy. I’ve found backyard camping is the best alternative to bringing that holiday joy back to your family while in quarantine.

One of my favourite things to do while caravanning is always toasting marshmallows around the fire pit. If you’ve got a fire pit at home, try bringing it out and getting your whole family involved, toasting marshmallows in the night sky. Even just playing charades or any of your family’s favourite camping games can be really enjoyable and quite refreshing for a change.

Laying down altogether stargazing might be what your family needs to get a break from all that’s going on. Storytelling has been a favourite of mine for years, as I love to try to scare my family telling ghost stories. The beauty of storytelling, charades and stargazing is thT there’s no equipment needed. Just sit or lay down and enjoy.

To get a real camping feel, setting up a tent in the backyard can be really fun for the whole family. You can bring sleeping bags, a barbecue and whatever you tend to bring caravanning or camping to get a real feel. With all this time we’ve all got on our hands, why not try something new and fun for the whole family during quarantine.

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