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Bombala to Jindabyne

Bombala to Jindabyne

If you’re looking for a location with a little peace and tranquillity to recover from a busy year, Bombala is the perfect stop.

This charming agricultural town is home to a developing industry in natural products like lavender, jams, soaps and oils of such a high quality that the town has earned a reputation for them as far away as Europe!

Spend an afternoon fishing along the banks of one of the many rivers that surround the town, or stroll along the banks for your chance to see platypuses and other native animals in their natural environment; the rivers surrounding Bombala are so heavily populated with these delightful native creatures that the region is regularly touted as Australia’s platypus capital.

Before leaving Bombala, saddle up on a horseback ride through the majestic South East Forests National Park, where you can also go hiking, camping or birdwatching.

When you reach Jindabyne, around an hour’s drive to the west, you’re truly on the doorstep of the mountains. During the 1960s, the original town was moved to make way for the Snowy Mountains Scheme and the damming of the river; today, a visit to the spectacular Lake Jindabyne just may reveal the remains of the original town, submerged beneath the water, only to be glimpsed every now and then when water levels are low. The lake is a favourite spot for trout fishing and water sports – including whitewater rafting, canoeing and kayaking – while numerous nearby biking and hiking trails offer an adventure with your feet a bit more firmly on the ground.

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