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Burnie to Wynyard

Burnie to Wynyard

Burnie, in Tasmania’s north-west is a tranquil town with a rich industrial past located just 46 kilometres west of Devonport.

Visit the Makers’ Workshop to see the ancient craft of papermaking taking place right before your eyes, or settle down and warm up with a stop at a local winery.

The region is also famous for its cheese production; the temperate weather, clean air and water allow dairy cattle to graze all year round, producing some of the finest produce in the country. Visitors can learn all about the technical skills required in the cheesemaking industry with a visit to the famous Cheese Shop (where you can also stock up on with treats for the road!).

Driving west from Burnie, be sure to get your camera out before you reach Wynyard; the region is known for its picturesque natural surroundings, including the dramatic Table Cape – a beautifully coloured plateau that looms 180 metres over the crashing ocean below.

When you arrive, you’ll see how apt the name is, for the plateau does truly look as if a giant settled down long ago to have a picnic on the level plain, forgetting his tablecloth as he left! You’ll be wondering why anyone – giant or otherwise – would ever leave, for the view from the cape is nothing short of sublime.

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