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Spring is the perfect time to visit the Camooweal Caves, an impressive network of secret caverns below the Barkly Tablelands.

The caves formed more than 500 million years ago, when shallow seas and moving water created a fascinating network of twisting tunnels and shafts through the earth.

Numerous caves stretch for more than 70 metres, but many have since collapsed to form large sinkholes, meaning that entry to the caves is prohibited; however, strategically located viewing platforms around the caves provide a fascinating look at the area’s natural history.

On the various walking trails that surround the caves, monitor lizards and waterbirds can be seen ducking in and out of the undergrowth to peer curiously at visitors.

To learn about the region’s development since the formation of the caves so many millions of years ago, stop at the Camooweal Drover’s Camp to explore fascinating droving history. Here, the history of this key Australian industry has been lovingly preserved in photos, maps, memorabilia and, best of all, firsthand stories from the locals who know the area best.

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