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Camping at Cape Keraudren: embracing nature’s bounty

Camping at Cape Keraudren: embracing nature’s bounty

Nestled along Western Australia’s East Pilbara coast, Cape Keraudren offers a tranquil escape from urban life. To embark on this adventure, campers must prepare adequately, ensuring ample supplies and vehicle readiness. Due to its remote location, the nearest supply point is the Pardoo Roadhouse, located 13 kilometres east at the intersection of Cape Keraudren Access Road and the Great Northern Highway.

Cape Keraudren welcomes furry companions, making it ideal for pet owners. Although it is a coastal reserve, there are access fees used to maintain and preserve the cape. Entry fees and reservations can be made via the Shire’s website.

Designated parking, rubbish disposal, and fish cleaning stations are provided for camper convenience. The wildlife within the Cape is an experience not to be missed. From early November to the end of March, turtles grace the beach for nesting. Watching these beautiful creatures from afar is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that children and adults alike will never forget. Saltwater crocodiles also occasionally inhabit Cape Keraudren, and while they are incredible creatures, it’s best to stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

Cape Keraudren offers many beautiful camping locations – each worth visiting. Cootenbrand Creek hosts a maximum of 10 campers with shallow waters that are perfect for young families. Clifftop Camps are perfect for those after a view, especially during sunset as Cape Keraudren is lit up in golden-orange hues. Sandy Beach is accessible with two-wheel drives, and is ideal for short-term stays. The Ridge, located alongside Mosquito Creek, is perfect for those who wish to view the diverse marine life that inhabits the Cape. The Main Bay is the largest camping area, with many utilities such as a boat ramp, toilets, and undercover picnic areas. From spectating whale migration to fishing off the coast, each campground is worth visiting.

Camping at Cape Keraudren is a harmonious communion with nature’s wonders. From its diverse wildlife to its awe-inspiring sunsets, camping at Cape Keraudren will linger in the minds of all who camp there!

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