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Caravan control like never before

Caravan control like never before

In partnership with REDARC.

We all travel and camp differently. Whether you want to run all the luxuries from home or like to keep it simple, keeping on top what your power system is doing is critical to avoid being stranded in the middle of nowhere with flat batteries.

Embrace automation in your caravan or camper trailer with REDARC’s RedVision Vehicle Management System. Control and monitor all your onboard devices and systems in one place with a system that gives you an unprecedented level of control.

With both a wired display and smartphone app compatibility, RedVision allows you to keep track of everything in your system, from water levels to state of charge, no matter where in camp you are.

Always know when it’s time to put out the solar panel for a power top-up, how much water is left for a hot shower and whether all the lights are off before you wind up the awning. Totally customisable, RedVision is designed to work with you and how you like to travel.

Use your phone and the RedVision app like a remote control; keep on top of your power input and output, turn devices on and off, set alarms to be alerted when your power is running low, monitor water tank levels, and more. When paired with REDARC’s Manager30 battery management system, RedVision allows you monitor solar and input voltages, and know exactly how many days’ worth of power you have left at any point.

REDARC’s RedVision distribution box brings together all the wiring, switches, gauges, displays and fuse boxes needed for a caravan or camper trailer monitoring system.

Now with flexible hardware options, you no longer need a wealth of space to house your power management system, as a REDARC distribution box can be tucked away into any unused nooks.

RedVision has been designed to work seamlessly with REDARC’s full suite of off-grid charging and power products. Made in Australia, RedVision is backed by REDARC’s in-house customer and technical support, and hassle-free warranty.

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