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Caravan-friendly entertainment

Caravan-friendly entertainment

Whether you need to keep the kids occupied, want to banish boredom during those long drives, or are simply looking for some backup activities for those bad-weather days on the road, there are plenty of caravan-friendly entertainment options available!

Picture this: the kids are constantly asking you, ‘Are we there yet?’, reception is patchy at best, and all you want to do is chill out and enjoy the scenery on your drive. Perhaps you’re stuck indoors during some wild weather and need a welcome distraction, or you’re looking for ways to wind down of an evening instead of aimlessly scrolling on social media (Caravanning Australia’s social media is, of course, exempt from this slander!). No matter your rhyme or reason, entertainment is a natural part of our everyday lives in the 21st century – on the road and at home. We love to watch TV shows and movies, and we enjoy video games and reading books – after all, we’re only human! On the road, however, entertainment can look very different. From tech troubles to storage solutions, here are our top tips for keeping everyone occupied during downtime in your rig.

Lights, camera, action!

If you’re a big fan of movie nights, a projector might just be your favourite accessory on the road! Projectors are relatively inexpensive to buy, and can easily connect to your phone via bluetooth. All you have to do is make sure you have a solid internet connection and a screen to showcase your movies and TV shows (you can buy travel-friendly projector screens, but a flat, white sheet works just as well!). If you’re worried about reception in more off-grid and remote areas, plan your movie nights in advance, and download the shows and films you plan to watch before you set off.

Banishing bookworm woes

Luckily for the bookworms, tech troubles don’t usually apply; however, storage in a caravan can be particularly tricky, especially if you’re a speed reader! For space-saving bookworms, whittle your caravan collection down to only a few

physical books, and instead opt for a kindle or an ereader. You could even listen to audiobooks if you feel like multitasking – listening to the story unravel and going for a walk at the same time! But if physical books are a non-negotiable, libraries are bound to become your second home, and will allow you to see all sorts of bookish collections around the country.

Keep it old school

There’s something especially bonding and nostalgic about playing board games with your friends and family. Maybe it’s a reminder of those pre-tech days, or perhaps it allows you to relive some childhood fun – no matter what good memories are conjured up when the dusty board games come out, there’s no denying that competing head to head with your nearest and dearest is the best!

If you’re after kid-friendly games, bring board games that don’t have lots of fiddly little bits. While Monopoly is fan favourite, the paper money and tiny houses can get lost when little kids are around! For younger kids, bring along something like Connect Four or Zingo. For kids who are a little older, Guess Who and Mouse Trap are fun for the whole family!

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