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Caravanning add-ons for happy travels

Caravanning add-ons for happy travels

Caravanning gives you an unbeatable sense of freedom and it’s a fantastic way to learn about the great variety of life across Australia. While there is a lot to love about life on the road, if you scrimp on accessories, you might find yourself longing for the comforts of home a little sooner than expected. Here are just some of the add-ons that will make any adventure that little bit more comfortable.

1. Portable washing machines

If you’re an adventurous caravanner, then you’ll appreciate the extra self-sufficiency that having a portable washing machine can provide. No longer will your route be dictated by public laundromats! There are two types of washing machines suitable for use in a caravan: portable lightweight electric units and handpowered machines. Both require hand-filling and can be mounted on the outside of your caravan, in a cupboard, temporarily on the table, outside or in the shower.

2. Wi-fi booster

Wi-fi boosters are perfect for caravanners who dream of adventure, but still want to keep in regular contact with home. These handy devices allow you to boost the effectiveness of your wi-fi connection and share a remote connection with multiple devices. Wi-fi boosters are particularly useful when you find a caravan park with wi-fi access, but your plot is so far from the signal that it’s not worth using.

3. Non-spill bowls

If you’re travelling with your mini sidekicks, you’ll know the frustration caused by frequent spillages inside your van, even when you’re parked. Enter non-spill bowls! Designed primarily for children prone to spilling meals, these handy products are great for preventing spills while travelling. If you haven’t seen these before, it’s worth doing a quick YouTube search. Videos show you that no matter how the bowl is tipped, spun, dumped or turned, the contents stay put. The gyroscopic design of the bowl lets it spin 360 degrees so that the open side is always the right way up.

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