Caravanning around Australia: essential tips from Carasel Towbars, the Aussie towbar experts

Written by Lauren Thomas.

Whether you’ve been caravanning for years or you’re thinking about adding one into your life, these helpful tips will ensure your next caravanning holiday is safe and hassle-free.

Purchasing a caravan is an exciting thing, especially when it means travelling around Australia with your family, friends and loved ones. While it’s a lot more fun to think about all of the incredible spots you’re going to visit (like the Great Ocean Road or perhaps a collection of Australia’s national parks) knowing this information before travelling will save you a lot of frustration later down the track. 

The three essential components you should look for before purchasing a caravan:

  1. ‘Before making any purchase, we highly recommend you check your vehicle’s tow capacity because this will give you an idea of the size and weight of the caravan that you’ll be able to tow with ease,’ James Selby the Director of Carasel Towbars says.
  2. ‘When you have a towbar fitted, it’s also important to check its weight rating because not all towbars are created equal. The last thing you want is a caravan that is too heavy for your legal towing limit.
  3. ‘Lastly, you’ll want to check what type of braking system your caravan has fitted and any other wiring that may be required. That way, you’ve got the reassurance that everything on your caravan is operating the way it should be before you begin towing.’ 

You’ve purchased your caravan and you’re ready for an adventure. Chances are that you’ve got everything sorted, from your packing needs, snacks and drinks for the journey ahead and of course, the invite list. But what about making sure that you don’t have any issues along the way (apart from who gets to choose the radio station)?

‘It’s essential that all trailer and towbar components are tight and secure before use. We also recommend that you cross your safety chains because this will prevent your caravan from hitting the ground if, god forbid, it becomes loose,’ James says.

‘It may seem like a lot to check, but it’ll become second nature once you’ve done it a few times.’

Here is the checklist recommended to all customers who come to Carasel Towbars before they hit the road:

  • Check that all lights are working once you’re all plugged in.
  • Release the handbrake on the trailer before towing.
  • Check that all support legs are in a secure position.
  • Check that all windows and hatches are closed, and the aerial is down.
  • Make sure that your fridge/s are working before your long journeys by turning on the car battery (or keep on automatic).
  • Ensure your tyres are in good nick with the correct tyre pressure in them.

Carasel Towbars manufacture and fit quality towbars and custom-built trailers for the everyday family and adventurer.

For those who prefer to concentrate on their holiday plans instead of the mechanics, you can find Carasel Towbars at their two locations in Seven Hills and Moorebank NSW or contact them on 1800 TOWBAR or

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