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Caravanning from the back seat: 5 new gadgets for travelling that your family has to have

Caravanning from the back seat: 5 new gadgets for travelling that your family has to have

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our regular Caravanning from the back seat feature.

Every traveller’s worst nightmare is under packing! I know from experience after a 10-hour drive just finding out you forgot to pack clothes or camping equipment is super frustrating.

Below are 5 new gadgets 2020 has brought us that you should have for your next trip:


Anytime I’m on a trip mosquitoes always find their way into any sort of gathering outside. I’ve found that spray on repellent and coils really don’t cut it when it comes to keeping those pests away. BuzzBGone is the best mosquito trap on the market right now. It ticks all the boxes with being affordable, packable and most importantly good at its job. BuzzBGone’s mosquito trap is available on their website ready to be ordered.

Star Scope Monocular

There’s only so much you can pack when going on a trip especially without a trailer. Telescopes are so intriguing and amusing at night, but their very dear and awkward to pack. Star Scope Monocular can give you some of sights of a telescope, but without the size and fragile build. Star Scope Monocular attaches to your phone so you can look at what you see on your device up front! Star Scope Monocular is the best portable scope out right now and is a must bring with its everlasting entertainment and it’s easy to pack design. Visit the Star Scope Monocular to buy this cool gadget!

Wireless Portable chargers

You may have heard of regular portable chargers, but wireless chargers are taking over the market for a few reasons. First off, all charging without the hassle of bringing all those different charging cords is much more convenient than bringing three different types. What also makes wireless charging better is the faster charging speeds. Portable wireless chargers are available at most local tech stores.


Wakecups newest drink bottle is one of the coolest inventions of 2020 and is also a great cause to get behind. How could you possibly make a drink bottle be special? Well, let me explain. Wakecup uses UV-C technology built into the bottle’s cap, which makes it able to clean 99.99% of bacteria in the bottle within three minutes at the click of a button. Great for long trips and everyday use with nothing required to clean this bottle. Wakecup are also giving every nurse one Wakecup self-cleaning water bottle for every one sold, so if you want to support a great cause and get yourself a new bottle for travelling visit GlobalWakecup’s website.

BOGI microfiber towels

BOGI microfiber towels are the ultimate cheat code when it comes to packing. These towels are excellent for the beach with its unique design that won’t allow it to get sandy. Light, packable, affordable and gets you dry, these towels tick all the boxes for travelling. On your next trip save your car some room and bring BOGI’s microfiber towels instead. These towels are available online at Amazon.

Why not take advantage of the luxury items on offer we and try out some of these new gadgets whilst travelling!

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