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Caravanning from the back seat: Cooking with kids while travelling

Caravanning from the back seat: Cooking with kids while travelling

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our regular Caravanning from the back-seat feature.

Caravanning or camping is a great way for kids to learn important life skills. Cooking is a step that can be taught in fun and engaging ways. Cooking is already a favourite for many kids, so giving kids the opportunity to cook with barbecues and wood fires makes cooking ten times more exciting. Below are three ways you can get the kids cooking food that they will love to make and eat on your next trip.


From sausages to egg and bacon rolls, barbecues can be used to make some many delicious meals. Barbecues are great for getting kids cooking, with its spacious and easy to use layout. Some of my most cherished moments from caravanning and camping stems from cooking on the barbecue with my family. Next trip make sure you get cooking whether it’s just flipping sausages with your kids, classic style on a barby!


Nothing is more classic than some good old marshmallows by the fire. Fires are great for keeping warm, making snacks and gathering the whole family together. Collecting firewood is all part of the fun too, searching for wood like it’s treasure is always great. Fires are excellent for family bonding and entertaining, so make sure you get the kids to get a fire going next time you’re on a trip.

DIY solar ovens 

Now I know what you’re thinking, what on earth is a solar oven? Well we all know how hot it can get in Australia especially in lots of our favourite places. So, with using foil and cardboard you can craft an oven that’s intended to attract heat as its way of cooking food. TeachEngineering on YouTube has a great video called Cooking with the sun, which shows you how to build this fun, easy and kid friendly solar oven.

On your next trip make sure to get the kids cooking with these fun cooking styles.

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