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Caravanning from the back seat: Manly Edition

Caravanning from the back seat: Manly Edition

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our By Kids for Kids feature.

Manly is the destination for all summer lovers!

With shops along the foreshore, beach pools, paddle boarding along the bay, and more fun activities for the whole family, Manly is the perfect mix of city and beach.

The Corso in Manly is filled with entertainment, with mini games along the path, speciality stores and, of course, the beach! It’s really perfect for any family. In Manly, there is so much exploring to be done that it never gets boring! When dining with the beautiful coastal views in the background, every night is special. Manly carries a chill holiday vibe throughout the town with family-friendly eateries perfect for the little ones. Manly definitely makes you work out, while having a good time with all the beautiful walking tracks on offer.

After going on several trips to Manly and getting to know many locals, I’ve discovered a few places that are out-of-this-world amazing. One of these places is the Wormhole, found along the big rocks on Queenscliff beach. To get to this awesome spot, walk along the rocks and you’ll see a long tunnel formed through the rock. That’s the Wormhole! When you go through to the other side, you’ll get to see some amazing views of the beach. It’s perfect for kids, teens and adults! After visiting the Wormhole, cool off with a swim at the beach or the beach pool. Manly really is a place I will keep coming back to.

So, this summer have a good time and head to Manly!

Pictured is Manly. Image courtesy of iStock: Veni

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