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Caravanning from the back seat: Margaret River edition

Caravanning from the back seat: Margaret River edition

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our regular Caravanning from the back seat feature.

Margaret River is a beach lover’s dream destination. Enjoy the warm waters of Western Australia, the epic Margaret River Pro in April and the glorious fishing spots. Below are some of Margaret River’s most kid friendly attractions and even a secret hidden gem.

One of my favourite parts about Margaret River is the range of activities available. Head off to the beach, visit iconic wineries and craft breweries and explore Lake and Mammoth Cave. Hamelin Bay is a must visit anytime you’re visiting Margaret River. Hamelin Bay has many fun activities to do such as fishing, snorkelling, paddle boarding and just simply going for a swim. If you’re not a beach fan, maybe the Cape to Cape Walk Track might be up your alley. The Cape to Cape Walk Track is a 123-kilometre walking track stretching across shelter forests and beaches. One of the best parts about doing the Cape to Cape Walk Track is the amount of glamourous views on offer along the track. 

Margaret Rivers vineyards are well known and easy to find but let me tell you about a spot only the locals would know! A fair walk south from the Cape to Cape Walk Track is Kilcarnup Beach. This beach is home to some awesome rock formations that have hollow centres overlooking the water. These caves just don’t get talked about enough. If you go right all the way to the point of Kilcarnup Beach, you’ll find the caves that are over the water. The caves are great for exploring and eye capturing photos. These caves might not be as big as Lake or Mammoth Cave, but are sure worth a visit considering they’re free to go to and aren’t crowded at all!

With many caravanning options and kid friendly activities Margaret River is a must visit for any family!

Image courtesy of iStock: 1152542018

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