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Caravanning from the back seat: Torquay Edition

Caravanning from the back seat: Torquay Edition

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our By Kids for Kids feature.

If you’re looking for somewhere to spend the upcoming April school holidays, Torquay is definitely the place to go. With the action-packed Rip Curl Pro on, the beautiful surf coast beaches and much more, Torquay will make sure your holidays are spent out and about.

Torquay has some of the cheapest beach gear available. If you head to the surf outlets on Baines Crescent, you will be sure to find some absolute steals. The best thing about Torquay for me and my family is that there’s so much to do but at little cost!

As I have lots of family members living in Torquay, I’ve come to know a few local spots around town. One is ‘The Cave’, which is located right on the point of Torquay Back Beach. You can swim through The Cave to access the other epic part of it, or you can explore all around The Cave and maybe even find some crabs!

When visiting Torquay, you can explore the whole Surf Coast in a short drive. From Anglesea to Lorne, there’s so much to discover! The iconic Great Ocean Road is always worth visiting; I normally find road trips very boring, but when I went on a trip along the Great Ocean Road, I was just so wowed by all the sights you could see from the car! After the trip, we went to Lorne beach and it was beautiful to swim in.

When visiting Torquay, everyday is action-packed! So, these April holidays, head down and caravan at Torquay! 

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Pictured is Torquay. Image courtesy of iStock: MousePotato

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