Caravanning from the back seat: WA Hidden gems

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our regular Caravanning from the back-seat feature.

Whether it’s the city or the laid-back countryside, Western Australia always calls for a good time. With many popular destinations, some of the lesser known attractions become overshadowed. Below are three hidden gems located in WA that are perfect for families.

Fremantle Prison

Across the road from the Fremantle Market is where you’ll find the Fremantle Prison. I visited the prison when I was 12 and it was one of my favourite days out. The Prison is available for tours with knowledgeable guides on site. As you go through the prison, you can find out about different tales of former inmates, explore different spots in and go inside the cells.

Claisebrook Cove

Found in east Perth, looking out onto Optus Stadium is Claisebrook Cove. Claisebrook Cove is perfect for a day out and to get a nice meal. Taking the kids out for lunch can be difficult as they can become bored and restless – it becomes easier to entertain kids out for lunch at Claisebrook Cove with all the area to play and eat. Claisebrook Cove at night is a must visit, with colourful lights all around reflecting onto the waterfront and so many places to get some dinner.

Karakamia Sanctuary

A half an hour drive out from north-east Perth is where you’ll find Karakamia Sanctuary. Karakamia Sanctuary offers an up-close experience with some of WA’s native animals. Karakamia Sanctuary takes a different approach to your typical zoo experience. With tour guides, you can visit all the animals in the sanctuary happily playing in their natural habitats. Not only do you get to see the animals, you also will learn many things about them, their habitats and what they eat, making it the perfect day for kids to learn and have fun.

Image courtesy of iStock: 1140093075

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