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Caravanning from the backseat: Halls Gap Edition

Caravanning from the backseat: Halls Gap Edition

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our regular Caravanning from the back seat feature.

One of the most exciting towns to visit in Victoria Is Halls Gap!

From sandstone mountains, to amazing wildlife such as wallabies and echidnas, Halls Gap is an iconic destination located in the Grampians.

The Grampians are filled with beautiful views gazing across Victoria. Learn to abseil and rock climb, or even uncover the history of the aboriginal culture of the area. You can listen to locals as they tell the traditional stories passed down from elders. The Grampians also has some spectacular ancient rock paintings you can view, giving a closer look as to what life was hundreds of years ago.

The Grampians is filled with challenging tracks and breathtaking views. Some of these tracks include The Boronia Peak Trail and The Pinnacle Lookout. There activities for every level of fitness so when you come back home feel like you’ve accomplished something!

When it comes to caravanning around Halls Gap, there are a few options. You can also camp in other towns like Lake Bolac and Ararat.

Whenever you get the chance, be sure to challenge yourself and visit Halls Gap and the Grampians!

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Pictured is the Grampians. Image courtesy of iStock: bjuerges

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