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Caravanning from the backseat: Queenscliff Edition

Caravanning from the backseat: Queenscliff Edition

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our regular Caravanning from the back seat feature.

With international travel restrictions, all Aussies have been forced to travel within the boundaries of Australia, making your favourite caravanning getaway filled to the brim. If there’s anything I’ve learnt over the years of travelling around the country, the best places aren’t always hyped, and Queenscliff is no exception! 

Queenscliff has got to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing towns I’ve ever seen. It’s filled with some awesome museums all families will love. From the Maritime Museum to the Fort Museum, the statues and artefacts are bound to bring tons of fun! Hesse Street (the main strip) also carries the same olden day vibe, with beautiful cottages and vintage corner stores stemming all the way down to the beach. The stores along Hesse Street pair perfectly with all the parks close by. The pier is definitely worth a visit, with its beautiful walks and views. Sharing the same water as Sorrento, they also share the same animals so be on the lookout!

Queenscliff itself is set up perfectly for families, but a day trip down Mornington Peninsula might work too! I personally struggle on long car trips with sore backs, restlessness, and of course boredom. The Searoad ferry to Sorrento, however, provides none of those problems. Seals and dolphins, astonishing views, comfy lounges, and café quality food and all within the hour you’ll be docking at Sorrento!

With plenty of caravan parks, switch it up these Autumn holidays and visit Queenscliff for a few nights! 

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