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Caravanning water storage options

Caravanning water storage options

Water – it’s one of those things you don’t often have to think about, but when you’re travelling long distances and for days at a time, it’s something you can’t afford to forget.

Modular, fixed water tanks

Unlike ordinary water tanks, modular tanks come with the advantage of being connected to multiple tanks, allowing a tailored solution to your water storage needs. They’re available in a range of different shapes and sizes, to fit into and around your caravan or four-wheel drive, and multiple tanks can be connected together to create a larger water supply.

When shopping for tanks, be sure to check the connection options and required fittings. Also ensure that any tanks and fittings you’re considering are made of a suitable food-contact-approved material, such as high-molecular-weight, high-density polyethylene.

Portable tanks

Portable, wheeled water tanks are an affordable and hassle-free alternative to fixed tanks. Wheeled tanks are easy to transport and are ideal for small-scale camping or even extended treks into the bush. They are available in a
range of sizes, from 40 litres to 200-litre collapsible tanks, with the smaller ones also a great option for daytrips and picnics on the beach.

Water storage on the go

In bygone days, taking a stop by a mountain stream to refill your water bottle was a far safer option than it is today. When hiking in remote or unknown areas, it’s vital to carry a trustworthy water source at all times. Ultra-lightweight and collapsible water bottles are great for daytrips, while hydration bladders with a fitted tube and mouthpiece are a popular option for extended treks. Compact options for boiling water rapidly – such as the ingenious Jetboil – are also available, allowing you to take advantage of local water sources with a bit more caution, or even stop and enjoy the scenery with a hot cup of tea in your hands!

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