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Caravans or camper trailers?

Caravans or camper trailers?

We live in an expansive country with so much to see and explore, so what’s the best way to explore its never-ending beauty?


When looking at which ones to buy, caravans are typically organised into two categories: pop-tops and ‘full’ caravans. The pop-top roof design was popularised in the 1970s during a fuel crisis, as they reduced wind resistance (hence not needing as much fuel to travel). The full caravan is a little bit more traditional, with solid walls all the way around.

The main benefit of a full caravan is that there’s typically minimal set up when you pull up to your destination – you just park it and unlock the door. Another added benefit is that the overhead cabinets are often higher – just above eye level – so it feels bigger.

Camper trailers

For those that value versatility, adaptability and don’t feel like sinking their life savings into just one asset, then a camper trailer is going to be the perfect option for you. The core parts of a camper trailer are quite similar but a lot of them fold up in different ways, which is the trickiest part to consider when choosing the perfect one for you.

Typically, the most basic camper trailers are a level above a box-trailer with a tent attached to the top and a few storage options fitted within. These are usually referred to as ‘soft-floor’ campers because the tent folds out onto the ground, and like with most things, there are good and bad versions of this type of camper trailer – price is one of the biggest indicators too.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have hard-floor campers, which have a fold-over lid – once you unfold it, it becomes the floor or bed base. Most traditional hard-floor campers fold backwards, and the lid becomes the floor.

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