The Big Lap Part 7

Welcome back to Part 7 of Caravanning Australia’s The Big Lap – if you haven’t read Part 6, go back and catch up. We’ve just finished up in Townsville, Queensland and we’re continuing the journey towards Broome. So, stick around because the next few parts are going to be quite an adventure. We’ve said our … Continued

The Big Lap Part 6

Our Big Lap is back, touring the country’s grand east coast. Part 5 saw our travels from Bega all the way to Byron Bay. Let’s say our goodbyes to New South Wales and explore the glorious Queensland region! The trip to Brisbane is a short two-hour drive from Byron Bay, but it wouldn’t be a … Continued

Long weekend adventures

Who doesn’t love a long weekend? Long weekends are the perfect time to go on an adventure that’s a bit closer to home, and there are so many great places to choose from. So, when the next long weekend comes around, here are three places that you should consider for your next adventure. Sunshine Coast, … Continued

Take the drive: Queensland’s Barcoo Way

What better way is there to explore south-west Queensland than by following the Barcoo River? This epic road trip will take you through some picturesque scenery into towns that are bursting with history and culture. This journey begins in the town of Tambo, the oldest town in Central West Queensland and the closest to the … Continued

On the road to discovery

Australia’s Sunshine State fuses outback history with modern-day adventure on an infinite trail of discovery. Follow Discovery Drive and you’ll be surrounded by vibrant scenery as far as the eye can see. Here are some highlights you’ll find along the way in this fantastic part of Queensland. Mount Isa Dubbed the ‘oasis of the outback’, … Continued

The Outback Way’s best bits

Winton The hometown of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ has no shortage of places that you must see. Not only should you be venturing to the North Gregory Hotel, but the dinosaur discoveries are second to none. The Australia Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History features the world’s largest collection of Australian dinosaurs, so if you love … Continued

A tropical rainforest for the ages

If David Attenborough describes it as ‘the most extraordinary place on earth’, then it must be pretty special. Estimated to be 80 million years older than the Amazon rainforest, the perfectly imperfect Wet Tropics of Queensland spans all the way from Cooktown in Queensland’s north, to Townsville way down south. There’s nothing short of extraordinary … Continued

Conquer the Central Queensland outback

Central Queensland stretches tens of thousands of sunny kilometres, and needs only the spirit of adventure and a set of wheels to be conquered. Traversing the Adventure Way is now a comfortable journey on sealed roads that allows you to travel far and wide, but always within reach of civilisation and a hot shower! Rockhampton … Continued

Where the rainforest meets the reef

There’s nothing quite like Daintree and Cape Tribulation – where the rainforest meets the reef and time seems to move slower. If you’re in need of a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then this is the place to immerse yourself in nature and switch off for a while. The raw environment … Continued

Chasing waterfalls up north

After working up a sweat on a hike through one of Queensland’s many incredible rainforests, there’s nothing better than happening upon a tumbling waterfall. Queensland has plenty of waterfalls just waiting to be explored – the hardest part is deciding where to go! Natural Bridge Natural Bridge can be found in Springbrook National Park, a … Continued

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