Scenic drives in Queensland

Queensland is renowned for its diverse landscapes – from lush rainforests, to golden beaches and the rugged outback. Whether along the coast or through the hinterland, Queensland’s scenic drives promise unforgettable natural beauty, with plenty to entice you out of the car. When first starting out on a life on wheels, many caravanners make a … Continued

Explore the St George Region

Picture this: a road trip through the heart of south-west Queensland, where the Adventure Way and Great Inland Way cross paths, giving birth to an epic river-town adventure. Welcome to the St George Region! Buckle up because we’ve got the lowdown on your next escape for 2024. And spoiler alert: it’s not just a getaway; … Continued

A local’s guide to Tara

Only 3.5 hours from Brisbane, you’ll find yourself in camel country – aka Tara. Home to Tara Festival of Culture & Camel Races, this town of about 2000 people sure know how to draw a crowd, with 16,000 festival attendees descending on the town this August. Don’t dismiss Tara as an August-only destination though – … Continued

Welcome to the outback by the sea

Imagine waking up to a sunrise over the majestic, diverse outback landscape, feeling the power of an iconic barramundi on the end of your line, hearing the crisp ‘snap’ of a mud crab shell breaking open after a long day hauling pots, before cosying up to a fire under the luminescent stars of the Milky … Continued

Highlights along the Adventure Way: Queensland edition

The Adventure Way touring route is a captivating journey that spans 1400 kilometres, connecting Brisbane in Queensland to the iconic town of Innamincka in South Australia. This road trip offers an immersive experience through diverse landscapes, from vast plains to red sand dunes. Travel the historical route of the Cobb & Co coaches, experiencing the … Continued

See it all on the Savannah Way

From east to west, the Savannah Way will show you the very best of Australia’s north. From lush tropical rainforests in Far North Queensland, to the sacred earth in the Northern Territory and the ancient formations of Western Australia’s Kimberley region, Australia’s northern landscapes are full of magic, culture, and stunning natural wonders. If you’re … Continued

Cruising the Pacific Coast Way

The Pacific Coast Way begins in the Gold Coast, skirts the Pacific Ocean along the Pacific Highway, and extends onto the Bruce Highway and up to Cairns in Far North Queensland. All up, it’s an 1800-kilometre journey. Tourism Australia says it takes nine days, but why rush? Gold Coast to Brisbane Start your Pacific Coast … Continued

Loop the loop around Far North Queensland

Explore the diverse landscapes of Far North Queensland, travelling up, down and around the state’s tropical region, and through the outback. Embark on a road trip like no other through one of Queensland’s finest regions. This adventure will lead you from lush rainforests in Cairns, to the volcanic outback filled with rich Indigenous culture and … Continued

Wander the Matilda Way

Experience the magnificent Matilda Way touring route, full of history, diverse wildlife and outback beauty. Whether you’re a history lover, a wildlife enthusiast or a traveller who loves nature, this journey along the Matilda Way touring route has something for everyone. The Matilda Way showcases the very best of the Queensland outback, and we share … Continued

Spring in the sugar cane capital

In partnership with Burdekin Shire Council The Burdekin, situated between the Whitsundays and Townsville, makes for the perfect pit stop, weekend getaway or extended adventure when you are travelling along the Queensland coast. Known as the sugar cane capital of Australia, the region encompasses the main townships of Ayr and Home Hill, which are linked … Continued

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