Townsville’s must-dos

As winter creeps across the southern states, Townsville is the balmy oasis you’ve been dreaming of. Expect average June temperatures hovering in the mid 20s, idyllic beaches, natural marvels, grand architecture, and an enviable foodie scene that will have you saying, ‘Melbourne-Shmelbourne’. Whether you’re here for a night or a week, these are Townsville’s must-dos. … Continued

Secrets of the Great Inland Way

The sheer size and diversity of Australia is something you can’t truly appreciate until you’ve driven through it. This is especially true of inland regions, where the sparsely populated countryside holds onto some of Australia’s best-kept secrets. You can discover some of them along the Great Inland Way. Sydney to Dubbo The Great Inland Way … Continued

Queensland’s gourmet delights

Queensland has for too long been glossed over in the gourmet stakes in favour of Melbourne’s café scene, or South Australia’s wine regions. But Australia’s Sunshine State is far from just a pretty face – when it comes to delicious and wonderfully diverse delicacies, Queensland is a quiet achiever with world-class dining and drinking destinations … Continued

Roads less travelled on the Country Way

Australia, the island continent with an arid centre, has always been partly defined by the relationship between its inland areas and its coasts. Indigenous people flourished for millennia across the country, but colonists initially clung to the edges of the landmass like their lives depended on it – which they did, since the ocean was … Continued

Surf through life on Queensland’s coast

You’ve heard of the Gold Coast, its balmy air, aquamarine waters and peaceful vibes, but there’s plenty the region has to offer that you might be surprised to learn about. Wherever you are, though, you can’t be far from a top surfing destination, where you can get your daily dose of exercise and adrenaline! Before … Continued

Port Stephens to Coffs Harbour

We all remember the giddy anticipation of a childhood summer trip – that sense of the holidays as a tantalising gift, just waiting to be unwrapped. For generations of Sydney kids, a road trip to Queensland has been a thrilling rite of passage, with the legendary Pacific Coast Drive topping the list for many travellers. … Continued

Kingscliff’s tropical charms

Sun, surf and sand – it’s what everyone looks for in a summer holiday. While the Gold Coast is famous for its astounding beaches, there’s even more to the region than what first meets the eye. Step away from the hum of the lively city straight into emerald seas at Kingscliff! On the far north … Continued

Rainbow Beach to Fraser Island

If conquering the slippery sands of Fraser Island sounds like fun, then plan your trip north this summer for a four-wheel driving adventure you’ll never forget. Fraser Island is made entirely of sand that blew across from New South Wales (a long, long time ago), and now that sand – plus the island’s 24 lakes … Continued

Summer on the Fraser Coast

The wonders of the Fraser Coast are, of course, far too many to list here, but for a memorable weekend this summer, there are plenty of options to choose from, and all just a short drive away from Brisbane. Take the family on a four-wheel tour of the island, or join a four-wheel driving group … Continued


Make the most of spring this year with a visit to Gladstone, a tranquil alternative to the busier tourist cities that line Queensland’s southern coast. Spend an afternoon snorkelling or diving in the southern part of the Great Barrier Reef, where a captivating world of colour and wonder awaits, or warm up with a stroll … Continued

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