South Australia

Best photo spots in South Australia

Camping is one of the best ways to engage with the outdoors – and photography is one of the best ways to capture these precious memories. Known for its stretches of nature and stunning sunsets, South Australia is the perfect place to get creative. Here are some places that will activate your imagination and get … Continued

South Australia’s heavenly daytrips

If you find yourself in Adelaide, don’t restrict yourself to just exploring the city sights. While we wouldn’t blame you if you did – The Festival City does have a lot going for it, we know – there are many thrills and luxuries to indulge in just past the city limits. Adelaide Hills Not even 45 minutes … Continued

Wine and wetlands in the Riverland

In partnership with Banrock Station Wine and Wetlands Centre. Banrock Station Wine and Wetlands Centre, located in the Riverland, South Australia, is much more than just a winery, it is also a Ramsar-accredited wetlands covering more than 1400 hectares of flood plains, woodlands, shrublands and native mallee habitat. Restoration at Banrock Station Wetlands began in … Continued

Saunter along the Southern Ocean Drive

There are few places in the world that invoke a sense of tranquillity quite like the South Australian coast. Here is a sneak peek of Caravanning Australia’s journey across the Southern Ocean Drive. Mount Gambier to Robe (128 kilometres) Begin your journey in Mount Gambier, the heart of the Limestone Coast. This gem of a … Continued

Wildin’ wildlife in South Australia

If there’s any place in the world that has its fair share of cute, fun and cuddly animals, it’s Australia – and more specifically, South Australia. The abundance of wildlife goes unmatched, with the homes of these furry (and not so) friends complementing their personalities. Here are some of the best spots we recommend across … Continued

World-class wine and a very long walk

Satellite images of South Australia show a mostly dust-blown, brown mass, peppered with occasional white salt flats. Lake Eyre, the largest lake in Australia when at capacity, fills once every 50 years or so but is generally a 9500 square kilometre white splotch devoid of vegetation. Only the south-eastern edge of the state is tinged … Continued

Thrillseeker’s guide to Australia

Everyone has their special interests on a holiday – such as nature, wildlife or relaxation. There is a certain group of people, however, who thrive off adrenaline and enjoy living on the edge. And they’re lucky; Australia is the perfect country for thrillseekers, with adventure-fuelled experiences on offer all over the country. So, if you’re … Continued

Crossing the Nullarbor

With a vast expanse that stretches across three time zones from Western Australia to South Australia, the Nullarbor Plain is one of the greatest road journeys in Australia. You won’t find a single tree breaking the horizon as you take on the longest stretch of straight road anywhere in the world – the name Nullarbor … Continued

Long-weekend adventures

Victorians, South Australians, Tasmanians and Canberrans, not sure where are you setting off this long weekend? Caravanning Australia is here to help you plan your Labour Day, Adelaide Cup, Eight Hour Day and Canberra Day long weekend! Dandenong Ranges, Victoria Unwind from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, and set off towards the Dandenong … Continued

Valentine’s Day in your home state

Avid travellers and van lifers don’t need many excuses to set out on the road and immerse themselves in the wonders of Australia. For those who do need an excuse to travel, or are looking to begin their caravanning journey’s, why not plan a romantic weekend away to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Here are Caravanning Australia’s … Continued

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