Coastal fever

Whether you want to admire the coast from up close or from afar, Tasmania’s eastern coastline has a range of options for travellers who are drawn to its majestic and unspoilt beauty. Visitors will find an abundance of flora, fauna, family activities, romantic hideaways and culinary delights straight from the sea to the plate – … Continued

Tasmania’s treasure-trove

Summer is finally here, so there is no longer an excuse to stay indoors! And since Tasmania is famous for its stunning natural beauty and rich history, why not combine the two these summer holidays and take a self-drive tour of the state? Start your tour in Hobart, where you can visit the top of … Continued

Wind the windows down for summer

While the beaches are buzzing and the city is sweating, pack the car for an outdoor adventure on some of these spectacular tracks: tracks with a view, remote tracks a world away from the hustle and bustle of summer in the city, and beach tracks with glorious ocean vistas are among some of the south … Continued

Three of Tasmania’s historical highlights

Tasmania might be Australia’s smallest state, but the island is not short of historical holiday destinations to keep the whole family captivated. 1. Port Arthur Historic Site: the Isle of the Dead No trip to Port Arthur is complete without a guided walking tour around the Isle of the Dead, where more than 1000 people … Continued

Just a few of Tasmania’s hidden wonders

Discover some of Tasmania’s most intriguing tourist spots, from mystery bridges, to elaborate mazes and convict trails. At Old Hobart Town, an authentic model replica of Hobart as it was in the 1800s, visitors can learn about Tasmania’s convict history while being amazed at how tall they really are. Just over an hour away is … Continued

A spring adventure around Tasmania

Take a break from reality and spend some time driving around the beautiful and serene island state. Greenery will be sprouting, flowers will be in bloom and the warm sun will be thawing out any trace of the remaining winter chill. Four days exploring the north and north-west If you’re entering the state by way of ferry, drive straight … Continued

Australia’s female convicts

One in five convicts who arrived in Van Diemen’s Land between 1788–1823 were women. Most female convicts – as well as free women who had come to Australia looking for work – were sent to what were known as ‘female factories’. Often textile factories and other commercial factories, these institutions sometimes evolved into shelters for pregnant women, such as the … Continued

Alexander Pearce: Tasmania’s infamous convict cannibal

Long after the First and Second fleets, convicts continued to be transported all over Australia. Tasmania – or Van Diemen’s Land, as it was then known – became one of the most heavily populated convict settlements in Australia, with around 75,000 convicts arriving between 1803 and 1853. Tasmania’s most infamous convict was Alexander Pearce, described by The Wellington Times in 1891 … Continued

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