Tasmania’s Painted Cliffs

On Maria Island in Tasmania’s south-east, are two of nature’s most memorable destinations. The Painted Cliffs and the Fossil Cliffs offer visitors a rare glimpse into Tasmania’s natural history. A trip between Maria Island and Swansea will bring you right up close to these natural wonders. Right near Orford is Triabunna, from where you can … Continued

Coast your way through the Great Eastern Drive

When the rest of Australia starts to heat up, Tasmania’s Great Eastern Drive will bring you the best of the sunny season in a temperate paradise. Filled with natural attractions that grace top-10 world tourism lists, this trip is for taking sooner rather than later. Here is the first leg of the journey that’s teeming … Continued

Burnie to Wynyard

Burnie, in Tasmania’s north-west is a tranquil town with a rich industrial past located just 46 kilometres west of Devonport. Visit the Makers’ Workshop to see the ancient craft of papermaking taking place right before your eyes, or settle down and warm up with a stop at a local winery. The region is also famous … Continued

Devonport in spring

After huddling up indoors during the cold winter months, there’s nothing quite as invigorating as a springtime road trip out in the crisp mountain air. A tour of Tasmania’s North West during spring will not only bring all five senses sharply back into focus and help you to shake the nine-to-five grind out of your … Continued

Explore Tasmania’s coast

Maria Island The Maria Island National Park is a must-see if you’re travelling in the east; it’s home to an exceptional variety of natural features. The Triassic sandstones of the Painted Cliffs are some of the park’s most impressive features. These layers of brightly coloured stone catalogue millions of years of natural development. There are … Continued

The separation of Tasmania

No account of Australia’s natural history is complete without at least a small mention of one of the country’s most monumental events: the separation of Tasmania. About 30,000 years ago – 10,000 years after the first humans arrived in Australia – sea levels began to drop during an ice age. The land that now lies … Continued

Hobart to Bruny Island

The road from Hobart to Bruny Island is an exciting trek, with no shortage of intriguing destinations to interest the whole family – from mysterious underground caves to spectacular ocean sunsets. In Hobart, retreat into holiday mode with a venture up Mount Wellington. The 21-kilometre drive to the summit will take you past some of … Continued

Take a breath of fresh air in the Tamar Valley

Renowned for its picturesque landscapes and gentle pace of living, the valley is home to some of the most impressive natural features and heritage towns in the world. Whether you find yourself meandering across immaculate sandy beaches or driving past majestic towering gorges, there are plenty of opportunities to relax in the Tamar Valley. Start … Continued

Ocean Beach

Stretching from Trial Harbour to Hell’s Gates at Macquarie Harbour, Ocean Beach is the longest beach in Tasmania, and it does indeed seem to stretch forever, even if you’re conquering it by four-wheel drive. There are more than 35 kilometres of beach to explore, meaning Ocean Beach is a driving experience that is never quite the … Continued

Coastal fever

Whether you want to admire the coast from up close or from afar, Tasmania’s eastern coastline has a range of options for travellers who are drawn to its majestic and unspoilt beauty. Visitors will find an abundance of flora, fauna, family activities, romantic hideaways and culinary delights straight from the sea to the plate – … Continued

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