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Best autumn tracks for four-wheel driving

As the weather cools down in the southern states, autumn is an ideal time to head out on a four-wheel driving adventure. Here are a few routes through various unique Australian landscapes. Blue Rag Range Track, Victoria Distance: 140 kilometres Time: one day The Victorian High Country boasts some of Australia’s most impressive panoramic scenery. … Continued

Indulge on the Epicurean Way

The Epicurean Way road trip is the ultimate foodie pilgrimage, taking travellers through South Australia’s iconic wine regions: McLaren Vale, Clare Valley, the Adelaide Hills, and the Barossa Valley. While these regions are each uniquely charming, they all share a commitment to showcasing fresh, local produce, and a proud heritage as world-class food and wine … Continued

Top spots to enjoy autumn’s hues

There is something magical, and maybe even cathartic, about watching our landscapes take on rusty, auburn hues as nature ushers in autumn after a long summer. Here we explore the best places to see our sunburnt country blush into autumn. New South Wales Known as New South Wales’s ‘colour city’, Orange’s deciduous poplar trees dotted … Continued

Trek the marvellous Fitzgerald Coast

Venture down to the south of Western Australia, where warm days stretch on and life slows down to a leisurely rhythm. Enjoy some exercise in a place that simply oozes with sunny vibes. The Fitzgerald River National Park is the perfect backdrop for exploring secluded bays by kayak, snorkel or flipper. Recent upgrades have seen … Continued

Succulent seafood on the Eyre Peninsula

They don’t call it the seafood frontier for nothing! The Eyre Peninsula is teeming with aquatic life, from the scary to the playful, the delicious to the elusive. Summer is the best time of year to pull up a seat at a local restaurant and enjoy the fruits of the sea and, here, we’ve picked … Continued

Kakadu National Park

The delights of Australia’s Northern Territory never cease to amaze. Traversing red ochre escarpments, navigating tropical woodlands, and soaking in a natural thermal spring, you’ll see why Australia is famous the world over for its unique outback landscapes. The World Heritage–listed Kakadu National Park is just one of the Northern Territory’s best-loved historical features. The … Continued

Coast your way through the Great Eastern Drive

When the rest of Australia starts to heat up, Tasmania’s Great Eastern Drive will bring you the best of the sunny season in a temperate paradise. Filled with natural attractions that grace top-10 world tourism lists, this trip is for taking sooner rather than later. Here is the first leg of the journey that’s teeming … Continued

Sit back and relax at Peaceful Bay

Want to get some peace of mind as you cruise along the coast this summer? Try the Peaceful Bay track along Western Australia’s pristine shores. Around 450 kilometres south-east of Perth, and tucked among countless national parks and coastal attractions, Peaceful Bay is a great four-wheel driving destination for the whole family. This secluded section … Continued

Rainbow Beach to Fraser Island

If conquering the slippery sands of Fraser Island sounds like fun, then plan your trip north this summer for a four-wheel driving adventure you’ll never forget. Fraser Island is made entirely of sand that blew across from New South Wales (a long, long time ago), and now that sand – plus the island’s 24 lakes … Continued

The Pinnacles Desert

The Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia is an exemplar of the quintessential Australian outback landscape – the perfect place to stop admiring Australia on postcards in your local newsagency and start admiring it in real life! This major tourist attraction is just a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Perth, with Cervantes being the nearest town for accommodation … Continued

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