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Your first road trip: How to plan

Welcome back to the second installment of Caravanning Australia’s ‘Your first road trip’ series. Head over to Part 1 to learn more about towing a caravan, which is essential to a safe journey. Going with the flow is a welcome pastime for seasoned travelers, but for first timers, planning your journey is the safer option! … Continued

Your first road trip: Towing a caravan

With domestic travel gearing up and international trips placed on the back burner, now is the perfect time to start planning your Australian caravanning journey! Planning a caravanning trip can be daunting to begin with, and that’s why Caravanning Australia is here to help. Welcome to our newest blog series, ‘Your first road trip’, where … Continued

Baby it’s (getting) cold outside

It’s that time of year again – we’ve said goodbye to the warm summer nights and are welcoming in winter. While it may be colder outside, it doesn’t mean that travelling can’t be done! Here are a few of our top tips for surviving the cold when on the road. Preparation Undertaking a thorough check … Continued

Entertainment on road trips

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our ‘By kids for kids’ feature. Long trips in cars can be unbearable at times without anything to do. From personal experience, as someone who’s been on many road trips with a family of five and without entertainment, everyone in the car tends to become restless, annoyed and extremely … Continued

Backyard Camping

Below is an article by Tom McGay, who is giving activity ideas to parents during quarantine. Enjoying quarantine can be very challenging at times. With first term getaways cancelled, it becomes difficult to find that holiday joy. I’ve found backyard camping is the best alternative to bringing that holiday joy back to your family while in … Continued

Towing hints and tricks for caravanners

Travelling in a caravan is a phenomenal way to tick your dream destinations off your bucket lists, but preparation and practice is key! Here are some tips and tricks for towing a caravan: Assessing the weight Kerb weight relates to the overall weight of the vehicle, driver, fuel tank and oil. Understanding the weight is … Continued

Quarantine activities for kids

Below is an article by Tom McGay, who is giving activity ideas to parents during quarantine. Being in quarantine means restless, energetic and bored kids. A key to staying sane in this tough period of time is to do activities, ranging from exercise to mindfulness. I’ll be listing five useful activities that kids can do indoors … Continued

Tips for your next big trip!

So, you have decided to embark on a trip! Congrats! While you’re probably eager to start exploring the greatest things on offer in Australia, preparation is key! Here are some things to keep in mind before your great adventure. Plan you stops Having a relative plan for your trip is a good way to ensure … Continued

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