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Top five paranormal sites in Australia

Australia has its fair share of paranormal tales and hauntings – it comes as no surprise with its chequered history of convicts, colonisation and colourful characters. Explore cemeteries and abandoned buildings dating back to the 19th century, and even spend a night in a haunted house (if you dare). Tour the creepiest homestead in Australia … Continued

Preparing for adVANture

Before venturing into remote Australia, it’s imperative that travellers take a moment to review their load and remember to pack the essentials. Below is a checklist that no road-tripper or four-wheel driver should ignore: It’s a good idea to keep an extensive checklist saved on a computer that you constantly update. Carry lots of drinking … Continued

Hiking 101

Australia truly is the Lucky Country, boasting stunning coastlines, native flora and fauna that’s out of this world, charming country towns with welcoming locals, and rich Indigenous cultures and spiritually significant sites. The best way to truly immerse yourself in all this wonder is by getting out amongst it, and what better way to do … Continued

Drive safely!

With some travel restrictions still in place, it looks like road trips are this year’s holiday of choice. Although there’s nothing more exciting than hitting the open road, it’s important to brush up on caravan safety before setting out. Deputy Secretary for Safety, Environment and Regulation at Transport for NSW Tara McCarthy has said that … Continued

Prepare your batteries for hibernation

In partnership with our friends at REDARC. Leaving summer behind often means a few months of hibernation for our vehicles, RVs and caravans. When the warm weather returns and you’re getting ready for your next adventure, will your batteries be ready?   Lead-acid batteries lose power gradually over time when not in use, so after months … Continued

The art of solo travel

Solo travel can provide a profound sense of freedom, independence and achievement, and with only your own thoughts to listen to, it’s the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare to be unpaired One of the benefits of solo caravanning is that you can usually … Continued

Your chance to win $10,000

In partnership with our friends at CIL Insurance. CIL Insurance, Australia’s leading specialist caravan and RV insurer, is giving you the chance to win $10,000 cash! There is no better time to explore Australia, and all it has on offer. With $10,000 cash you could be packing up your caravan or RV and heading out on … Continued

Joining a caravan club

Usually encompassing a group of caravanning enthusiasts comprising families with children, caravan clubs are your go-to place for everything caravans. Above all else, caravan clubs love a social event – and they’re usually all over the country! It gives old and new members the chance to mingle and share stories, and for those with the … Continued

Your home away from home

Whether you’re embarking on a Big Lap trip around Australia, or partaking in caravanning journeys intermittently throughout the year, making your caravan feel more homely has a plethora of benefits. Doona covers and quilts Nothing quite beats the feeling of being snuggled underneath your favourite doona. So, why not bring this to your caravan when … Continued

Exercising your right to move!

Here are some exercises and activities for you to do on the road to prevent stiffness, injury, and help keep up your overall health and wellbeing: Exercises in the car This may sound silly, but simply flexing your muscles in the seat of your car while driving is surprisingly effective. While we only encourage you … Continued

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