On the Road

Connection is key

Staying connected to family, friends and workplaces while on the road is easier than you might think. One of the best things about life on the road in 2022 is that you no longer need to choose between travelling our beautiful country and staying connected with home. With a bit of planning and a couple … Continued

How to save energy on the road

Save money and the planet this winter, without compromising on comfort! Switch to solar Solar power is a perfect way to power your appliances while you’re on the move or out and about exploring your surroundings. Either way, use the winter sun to your advantage and soak up those rays. There’s a huge range of … Continued

ProSmart range grows with ProSmart Starter

In partnership with BMPRO. Following the recent release of ProSmart Premium in October 2021, BMPRO has now announced the latest addition to its range of RV smart technologies in the form of ProSmart Starter. The expansion of the Melbourne-based manufacturer’s existing smart technology products is set to allow for a greater number of travellers (both … Continued

 Power a 21st-century adventure

 In partnership with REDARC Electronics. GoBlock versus traditional battery boxes. Traditionally, camping and caravanning has acted as a fulfilling escape from society and normality, letting us pretend for a moment that we can live without the technology we have become so dependent on. But as technology evolves to make our everyday lives easier, why shouldn’t … Continued

The Oodnadatta Track

It’s hard to do the Oodnadatta Track justice on paper. There are no windswept coastal cliffs or plunging waterfalls; no hatted restaurants or renowned art galleries. It’s the desolation that really draws you in: the peaceful, lonely desert; the open road with hundreds of kilometres between intersections; the unbroken horizons; and the night skies ablaze … Continued

The all-new MSA Power Slide

In partnership with MSA 4×4. MSA 4×4 brings you the world’s first fastest, smallest and lightest Power Slide on the market. This product is similar to the original Drop SlideTM; however, MSA 4×4 has taken the Drop SlideTM to a whole new level by completely removing all physical effort to raise and lower your fridge. … Continued

Gear up for the CREB Track

Queensland’s steepest and most challenging drive is not for the faint of heart. Prepare to weave through pristine rainforest and jagged, muddy terrain in this incredible off-road adventure! Cairns to Daintree Our journey starts in Cairns, where you will embark on a 110-kilometre journey up the coast towards the small town of Daintree. Spend the … Continued

Top tips for your next adventure

Handy hacks to amplify your travel experience. Get organised A great way to ensure you’ve packed all the essentials is to keep ‘caravan copies’. Keeping copies of the objects and resources that are important to you means you’re less likely to leave them behind at home. Always eat your toast with Vegemite? Then be sure … Continued

From drab to fab

Life on the road doesn’t have to be limited to the basic necessities. Take some time to spruce up your caravan, so you can live a life of luxury no matter where you park. Keep your cool Nothing says comfy and cosy like knowing that no matter the weather, you’re going to be comfortable and … Continued

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