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Off-grid power solutions for your caravan

Heading out for a trip into the wilderness and roughing it with no power? Here’s how to plan carefully and install a reliable off-grid power set-up. Knowing your power needs The first step to setting up your caravan for an off-grid getaway is to figure out how much power you need. If you haven’t taken … Continued

Off-road tracks for winter

Take your four-wheel drive for a spin on these two brilliant remote tracks ideal for the winter months.  Anne Beadell Highway – South Australia/Western Australia Len Beadell, one of the last explorers of Australia, was responsible for surveying many of Central Australia’s most isolated desert from 1947 to 1963. The Anne Beadell Highway is named … Continued

Top tips for outback caravanning

 It’s a delight to travel off the beaten track to remote locations, but when you’re towing a heavy caravan, travelling in the outback becomes a little trickier. Before you head off, it’s important that you have the right gear, the right knowledge, and the right plan and expectations to keep you, your vehicle and your … Continued

Caravanning on a budget

Does it feel like you’re always waiting on your bank account to catch up to your travel dreams? When you set an achievable budget, make savvy travel choices, and add dash of prior planning, your trip of a lifetime is closer than you think! Be deal-savvy If you plan to eat or drink out, scout … Continued

10 tricks to warm up winter

Camping is pure bliss when you’re outdoors with nothing but the stars above your head and a mug of hot chocky in your hands, but winter can seriously curb your appetite for adventure if you aren’t equipped to handle the cold! Here are 10 ways to make winter travels a breeze. 1. Sleeping pads We … Continued

The Anzac landing at Gallipoli

This year continues the centenary of World War I, so here we explore one of the most important events on Australia’s national calendar – the landing of the Anzac soldiers on the Gallipoli peninsula in 1915. Let’s revisit some of the events that made this particular battle so legendary, and that will be remembered this … Continued

Apps for your autumn adventures

Whether you’re in the car on a long autumn road trip, or you’re curled up inside your caravan with your device, there are plenty of apps to give you fresh ideas and inspiration for planning the rest of your trip. Research is key to making any trip run smoothly, and these apps are here to … Continued

Power sources for your remote getaway

Caravanners and campers share in the joy of roaming obscure and far-flung corners of our beautiful country, but they just can’t seem to settle on the best way to power these adventures. Solar power Because solar panels activate with sunlight, they are a viable long-term solution to powering your adventures off the grid. For travellers … Continued

Technology on the road

One of the many joys of hitting the road is the chance to swap glaring screens and endless beeping notifications for the serene beauty of Australia’s natural environment; however, a few simple touches of technology can greatly improve your travelling experience and ensure that your trip runs smoothly. GPS and satellite navigation For any trip, … Continued

Must-have autumn caravanning accessories

Make the most of your autumn getaway, and check out our ultimate list of the latest and greatest caravan and camping accessories for saving space, staying safe, keeping connected and having a great time! Handheld Espresso Machine Australians know about good coffee, and sometimes the instant stuff just doesn’t cut it – even when we’re … Continued

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