On the Road

Upgrading your four-wheel drive on a budget

Sometimes you need to spend that extra bit of money to make sure your four-wheel drive is top notch – and sometimes you don’t. Here are some affordable options to consider as you work towards building the perfect tourer. Snorkels and breathers: if your vehicle is not set up for water crossings, any depth higher than … Continued

Best autumn tracks for four-wheel driving

As the weather cools down in the southern states, autumn is an ideal time to head out on a four-wheel driving adventure. Here are a few routes through various unique Australian landscapes. Blue Rag Range Track, Victoria Distance: 140 kilometres Time: one day The Victorian High Country boasts some of Australia’s most impressive panoramic scenery. … Continued

Staying safe at your summer barbie

Before you don your hilarious novelty apron and fire up your barbecue, you need to first make sure that you and those you’re travelling with are safe from the heat and gas. Whether you’re a barbecue novice or an expert in all things rotisseries, charcoal grills and smokers, you should always pay attention to safety. … Continued

Food safety and storage on the road

Lasting memories are created on the best holidays – and on the worst ones! To make sure you’re not left with flashbacks of food poisoning, there are many precautions to take for eating safely. In the warm summer months, it’s especially important to store and cook food properly to avoid dangerous bacteria, as well as … Continued

Safety tips for beginner four-wheel drivers

When travelling through the harsh Australian countryside, it’s vital to be prepared with not only the right equipment, but also the right knowledge. Here are just a few basic tips to keep you out of trouble in Australia’s far-flung recesses. First of all, when thinking about your next adventure, always think ahead, ask questions, check … Continued

Off-road recovery: getting out of a bog

Breaking down in remote Australia is no picnic. If you’re tackling raw, unadulterated Australia – somewhere standard vehicles dare not tread – you could go a very long time without encountering another soul. Before any off-road trek, your first consideration should be the condition of your vehicle – be sure to get a major service … Continued

Make sure your rig is off-road ready

Off-road driving and towing can be a challenge: every track is different and you might encounter corrugations, steep inclines, rocky terrain, sand, mud, bull dust and all sorts of tricky situations. There are a few basic things to be aware of so you can stay out of trouble on your travels. If your caravan or … Continued

What to pack for off-road caravanning

Caravans and campers aren’t just taking to the roads these days; they are all about off-road, too! If you’re planning to include some off-road adventures in your next caravanning or camping trip, here are some things you might need to pack. Navigation tech In addition to electronic GPS units, always take a physical map of … Continued

The Red Centre Way – Alice Springs to Glen Helen

This iconic trek covers more than 1100 kilometres, and takes visitors on a sightseeing adventure through world-famous national parks, sprawling canyons and majestic desert scenery. Alice Springs to Glen Helen is the first leg of the trip, and a drive between the two will bring you up close to history, nature and even the stars. … Continued

Affordable caravan storage solutions

There’s no doubt that having a custom-made compartment for everything in your caravan makes unpacking and resupplying a whole lot easier. But not all campers are going to have the time, patience or means for a custom fit-out. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of affordable and clever storage solutions for every caravan. Collapsible products Collapsible, pop-up … Continued

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