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Chase the sun on the Pacific Highway

Chase the sun on the Pacific Highway

Summer might have departed and given way to autumn, but before the falling leaves dampen your spirits, chase the last of the sun’s rays north along the Pacific Coast. On the seven-day drive, you will discover some of the most pristine beaches and rainforests in the country, where the last rays of summer are lingering, just waiting to be caught. Here are just a few of the first stops along the way.

Sydney to the Central Coast

The Central Coast allows visitors to explore beaches, wetlands and national parks, all within boating distance of one another. Settle into a holiday pace in Brooklyn, a popular gateway to multiple waterside locations and the home of a strong boating community. Hire a boat or catch a ferry for a daytrip to Dangar Island, where you can see Indigenous rock carvings and middens that pre-date the British colonisation of Australia.

If you’d rather stay out of the water, take the famous Mooney Mooney nature walk. This 4.2-kilometre hike encompasses the region’s most impressive sights and sounds, and allows you to walk to the relaxing melody of running water as you cross over creeks and rocky platforms. The track includes multiple lookouts where you can stop and take in the rainforests, waterfalls, green woodlands, and majestic rocky cliffs stretching all around you.

The Central Coast

Once you arrive at the Central Coast, unleash your inner daredevil on a mountain-biking tour of the 248 Trail in the Popran National Park. The trail reaches an impressive 248 metres above sea level and can also be explored on foot or by horseback. At only 2.5 kilometres, it’s an accessible and invigorating outdoor activity for all.

Once you’ve left the forest behind, get a little closer to the sun in Charmhaven with a stop at the Norah Head Lighthouse. Climb the 96 steps to the top for a spectacular 360-degree view of the surrounding ocean and landscape. Take a tour of the lighthouse to hear stories about ancient shipwrecks, and learn about the lighthouse’s history and the daily routine of a lighthouse keeper in days gone by.

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