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Chasing Waterfall Way

Chasing Waterfall Way

Does a scenic drive tickle your fancy? Well look no further than Waterfall Way!

While you could do this scenic drive in about two and a half hours, it’s simply impossible to pull yourself away from all of the amazing things to see along the way.

If you start Coffs Harbour, then you’ll be going through five national parks that showcase rainforests, waterfalls, open woodlands and vast farmlands. All this and you’ll only just be approaching Armidale – imagine what’s in store for the rest of the trip!

Ebor Falls is next on the list with its two impressive waterfalls, complemented by scenic walking trails along the edge. The trail is only a few minutes walk from the Ebor Falls carpark, too!

From here, the road is quite windy and steep but it’s all worth it as it goes through the rainforest of Dorrigo National Park. This stretches to heights of about 750 metres, the tallest point of which is Dorrigo Mountain. The Dorrigo Rainforest Centre is one of the best places along the route where you can find some World Heritage wilderness, mesmerising bushwalking trails and interesting animals like lyrebirds, which can imitate nearly any sound you make!

Other highlights you’ll find along the drive include granite rock formations, which can be found in Cathedral Rock National Park, Point lookout in the New England National Park and the Wollomombi Gorge and Falls picnic area – this gorge has one of the state’s highest drops, so get your camera ready for some spectacular views.

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