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Choose AirSafe for a smoother drive

Choose AirSafe for a smoother drive

In partnership with AirSafe Hitch.

If you are looking for a product that can give you a smoother and safer ride when towing your caravan or trailer, greatly reduces the shock transfer, helps to reduce fuel consumption, and is perfect for both on- or off-road driving, then look no further as the AirSafe Hitch is for you.

AirSafe receiver hitches are the perfect solution for hauling your large trailers, caravans and vehicles, as the engineered weight distribution system ensures a safe and steady ride every single time.

All AirSafe tow hitches are CTA-certified for Australia, for 3.5-tonne, 4.5-tonne and 6.0-tonne capacities. Moreover, all AirSafe equipment comes with a two-year warranty, pledging to offer the most efficient automotive power.

The key features of AirSafe receiver hitches are: 

  • reduced driver, vehicle and trailer fatigue 
  • maximum weight carrying and distributing capacity 
  • reduced energy consumption and minimised fuel usage 
  • a smooth, comfortable and safe ride 
  • shock absorbance to protect contents 
  • improved overall driving control 
  • greatly reduced mental fatigue 
  • easy braking control and enhanced vehicle durability 
  • protection against needless and preventable accidents.

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