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Close encounters in Western Australia

Close encounters in Western Australia

Australia has some of the most unique animals in the world. You may know the kangaroo, koala and dingo, but here are some of Australia’s less famed (but just as charming) creatures and how to meet them.

Go swimming with dolphins in Bunbury

Venture out into the water for an intimate swim with wild dolphins in their natural habitat. An experienced guide and trained volunteers can take you on a tour that will leave you fully informed about these amazing creatures. The Dolphin Discovery Centre will provide you with everything you need for an adventure in the bay. There are also exhibitions and displays about the dolphins.

Quokkas frolicking on Rottnest Island

Quokkas are native to Rottnest Island, and there are an estimated 10,000­–12,000 living here. They are known as ‘the happiest animals in the world’ thanks to their cheeky smiles. Quokkas are naturally curious and inquisitive, so they’re likely to come up to you to say hello. Capture their smiles with a camera for some happy memories of these cute creatures – they’re one of the island’s main attractions!

Diving with whale sharks in Ningaloo Reef

This is the experience of a lifetime – diving in the world’s largest fringing reef with the world’s biggest fish. You’ll feel humbled by their massive size, but don’t worry about them – they’re filter feeders and humans aren’t on the menu. Only one in three million people globally will swim with a whale shark in their life, so seize the opportunity while you can! Join the full-day tours every year between mid-March and mid-July in the Ningaloo Marine Park – and get ready for an encounter of epic proportions!

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