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Coastal fever

Coastal fever

Whether you want to admire the coast from up close or from afar, Tasmania’s eastern coastline has a range of options for travellers who are drawn to its majestic and unspoilt beauty.

Visitors will find an abundance of flora, fauna, family activities, romantic hideaways and culinary delights straight from the sea to the plate – sometimes even straight from the sea to your mouth if you get close enough to the source!

The port-side town of Triabunna is just over one hour’s drive from Hobart, and is your southern gateway to the winding coast that stretches north to beyond Freycinet National Park. Adjacent to the coast are various islands, including Maria Island and Governor Island, both of which boast unique marine ecosystems.

In Triabunna, leave your caravan and car behind, and jump on the ferry to Maria Island. To maintain the untouched beauty of the island, no vehicles are allowed, so the best way to see it is either on foot or on a bike. There’s lots to marvel at once you arrive: the surreal colours and patterns on the island’s Painted Cliffs; the creatures encased in limestone and siltstone on the Fossil Cliffs; and the wallabies, geese, Tasmanian devils and wombats wandering around nonchalantly.

There are also great snorkelling spots scattered around the island. Those so impressed by the scenery that they can’t bare the thought of leaving have the option of staying overnight. Spend the night at the convict-era Darlington Probation Station, or fully embrace the tranquillity of the island and camp under the night sky.

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