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Concealed coastlines

Concealed coastlines

Australia is home to more than 10,000 beaches, which can present quite the dilemma for travellers: which one to choose? Going to the beach is an Aussie tradition, but that can mean big crowds and lots of noise. Caravanning Australia has put together some of the country’s more obscure (but no less lovely) beaches for you to see:

Store Beach, New South Wales

This beach is only accessible by water, so visitors can hop in a kayak or aboard a boat to get to this remote location. It’s a 20-minute kayak from Manly Warf, where you can zip through the clear waters and admire your beautiful surroundings. Neighbouring beaches Collins Flat and Quarantine Beach are also accessible by kayak, so take your time and explore.

Once there, you might be greeted by fairy penguins – it’s a breeding ground for them – so you can see these little critters playing in the surf or on the shore. This beach doesn’t have any amenities, so bring a delicious spread to enjoy on its soft sands.

Sunshine Beach, Queensland

This beach is the perfect picture of Australian leisure, with leafy palms and sand that stretches into the horizon. It’s on the edge of Noosa National Park, which also boasts beautiful forests and abundant wildlife.

With lots of surf breaks, surfing enthusiasts can hit the beach. If land is more your style, cycle down to the beach or go for a long stroll – visitors can wander around the coast to Hell’s Gates. It’s a cliff with dramatic views, where you can spot turtles, whales and dolphins frolicking in the surround waters.

After you enjoy a refreshing dip at Sunshine Beach, sink a cold beer at the Sunshine Beach Surf Club. The best seats in the house are reserved for whale-watching during migration season, but the views are unparalleled all year-round.

Friendly Beaches, Tasmania

Located between Saltwater and Freshwater lagoons in Tasmania, this secluded spot is a place of unrivalled beauty with clear waters, white-sand beaches and towering granite lookouts. If you’re into surfing or fishing, then you’re in luck!

The trail to Friendly Beaches is also listed as one of Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks, with plenty of local wildlife to see.  Keep your eyes peeled for pelicans, pied oystercatchers, fairy and little terns. Keep heading south from Friendly Beaches and you’ll reach the iconic Wineglass Bay. Surrounded by forest, mountains and ocean, it’s one of Tasmania’s most beautiful destinations. Climb up to the lookout on ‘the Saddle’, which is the dip between Mount Amos and Mount Mayson, for breathtaking views. 

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